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  1. no probs il help any way i can...iv got mine back through the bank, an that Lee (******** he is) said the same cheque in post, he a bad liar, stutters when talkn crap.. but any way i can help i will..iv still got a email telling me cheque in post and copies of the 100 odd iv sent them.. so count me in.. Darran
  2. yes i have my money back...the Halifax refunded me asap as soon as they got the fraud questionnaire back from me....they are now going to recover funds from Tlg..
  3. I need to check first...but i think iv got my money back, i have the halifax to thank i filled in their fraud forms... plus i emailed that sam bloke and their admin with same email about 30 times aday... and if any one rings them ...ask them to ring you back asap...the girls norm do..iv always rung the 0800 number they ring my moby back then they transfer me an i go on hold...i put on loiud speaker then carry on doin wot ever ...some one answers in the end it there bill..or if it ringing ring 0800 number from land line an ask the girl to shout across the room to admin desk an tell them to
  4. cheers mate, may be i was thinking they would pay the £20 as iv had to wait so long.....can dream
  5. well my cheque been lost in the post again..and my letter confirming my cheque in post...lol...spoke to there admin dept ..an the guy sounded very much like Lee Davis lol...but denyed it.. but i have been told i will be refunded via BACs transfer...which takes an hr....but noooo it will take 3days according to Lee(but says it not him).. hopefully my bank will sort it now, and im emailing there admin an sam guy every 5mins ...same email...sent 25 up to now today.. and pretend lee didnt like me slating his colleagues ?? im sure there will be more
  6. machine has been fixed...wow so fast... and and im told there is a cheque in the post to me, any one wanna have a bet with me to when or if it arrives....i will keep you all up dated..
  7. i have now also emailed the Manchester School of Law and asked if they would be willing to look at this ....worth a try
  8. well iv been phoning 2 /3 times aday... i was told a cheque on the way, thenit was recalled...now the machine has broke down that issues them...i said ' one of you there must be able to write a cheque'...nooo they cant...
  9. Well guys as i had a few mins to spare iv emailed the Star, mirror,mail,sun, FT, telagraph, news of world, liverpool echo, manchester evening news, stockport reporter, and a few more papers ...never know one may take it up...
  10. wiil have a look into other sites and see what can find... i have also contacted watch dog with a over view of the situation..i also put a link to this forum as well in it..
  11. i was told that a cheque had been processed on sat 14th feb...but they missed the post on sat and it was sent out on monday ...but takes 5-7 working days to arrive at my house via the post....why i ask..i was told company policy to be sure the cheque arrives...mmm not sure how that works. oh and Lee is away next mon tue wed...so if they say there puttn you through it may be a little white lie...not that a company like this would tell lies...
  12. I have already contacted Trading Standards in stockport about this... TLG called me this morning regarding the cheque that has been sent to me (not arrived yet)..ringing back later ?? and il drop watchdog a line as well...
  13. Had another fun day on the phone...iv been told a cheque was sent out to me on the 14th feb... if i get no joy tomorrow i will report as theft at cheshire police HQ..i used to work there so so the script.. also will instruct the halifax to start fraud investigations which they said they will. Trading standards iv contacted...any one else i should voice a opinion to.. cheers people
  14. he will be more than iky if i find him....im ringing them pleasant people 10times aday...they must be fed up of me by now... last call i was told to "Roll with it" mmmm i didnt agree..
  15. The number for customer services for the loan supermarket and The lending group is 08450175116 and surprise the manager is mr Iky hope this helps
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