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  1. Hi mate, It looks like you know your stuff, so I thought I'd ask you..! I've already been told I'm to late to reverse this process, though there's no harm in a second opinion. A few weeks ago I received a CCJ from Lowell Portfollo Ltd via the County Court Business Centre, who at the time I thought were being instructed by the Loan firm I had a loan from. Though it has now come to light that this is not the case and that they have bought the debt and are pursuing this themselves, which means they are Third Party Interlopers who have used the Section 136 of the Law of Propert
  2. Yes you get a reminder every year, as I have recently done one for my classic car, which has now been in storage 2 years..
  3. Yeah let's not look at legality of the Bailiff in question.... Anyway no recourse, he did return, though did nothing as the car was close up to a wall, with the rear plate and tax disc removed so he couldn't read the registration.. That was the last I heard & saw of them..!
  4. Hi Guy's 'n' Girls, I may have an interesting one for you.. DVLA are hounding me to pay 2yrs back Tax £179, for a written off vehicle, which was off road in private parking on private land. They were aware of it, as my insurers and I informed them not long after the accident and on doing so I never received another reminder to tax or SORN the vehicle.! Hence the vehicle was never SORN off road.. As you might gather I have no intention of paying these pricks a dime and was wondering if using the Trust Law could f**k'em even before it goes to court, or to be honest a
  5. I had a Bailiff clamp my car, which I promptly removed with an angle grinder and gave the clamp to my mate for scrap. Since then I have been driving my car close up close to a wall in a private parking area on private land, removing the rear plate and removing my tax disc so they can't read the registration. Basically what they can't ID they can't take..!
  6. Hi, I also have two distress warrants from Phillips regards non-payment of a fine from North West Courts (Uxbridge), both for the same matter, both of them not dated..!! The mad thing here is that I was paying this fine at £5 per week with one of those 'allpay' payment cards, I admit my payments were a little erratic, though I was £5 in advance where I contacted the Central Accounting Office. What a joke that is nearly one and a half days of trying to contact them, in the end I phoned around to different departments and got another number.! I got though to s
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