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  1. I recently cca,d Studio and got the usual copy cca I then sent a dispute letter to which they repliied with their basic yes we know we dont have a signed cca but we are gonna hound you anyway. They are still sending letters demanding payment so should i ignore them or i thought it would be quite funny to write across the top of their demands with "this account is in dispute" then pop it in the envelope they provide you with, stick it in the post box with no stamp and then they will have to pay the cost of postage plus £1. Its only to annoy them. Oh and by the way if you contact studio by email it will save you on recorded delivery. You will also have proof that you emailed them in your sent box and proof that they recieved it as they have an auto responder. The email is contactus@studio24.co.uk
  2. Hi All Some time ago i sent studio a cca request and got the usual copy through the post. Also got a copy of all transactions on the account for the past six years and had no charges or ppi so no claim!! unless you can claim the service charges. I would have thought the interest charges could be claimed as i havent signed to agree to the account if you see what i mean. Well last week i sent them a letter saying that my financial situation had changed and i could no longer afford the repayments, but i could make a payment of 200 to settle the account which i think stands at about 400ish. I told them that my offer stood for 14days after which the 200 would be split between my other creditors. here is their response Dear .......... In regards to your recent communication, please be advised that we are unable to consider your offer of a settlement figure on this account and may i take the opertunity to advise you that we do not respond to ultimatums advising us to accept your offer or effectively recieve no payments. It is company policy to imply the maximum charges possible to accounts that default on payment until such time as we transfer the debt to an external recovery agent for which you will be liable for all costs incurred by them in recovery of your outstanding balance Yours sincerely Leanne Kelly So what should my next step be. I cancelled my DD to them and was going to send an account in dispute letter. Am i right to think they cant pass on an account in dispute or impose charges on it??? Does anyone know where to get a template for a reply. I thought their response stinks Maximum charges ..................................................damn weigh anchors Cheers guys oh and merry christmas
  3. That was my initial thought until i read this post by fatboydukey http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mail-order-catalogues/153236-fatboy-studio-cards.html So how should i proceed
  4. Hi all I thought i would try and get some expert opinions on reclaiming charges from studio. I requested a copy of all statements since inception of the account along with a signed true cca and surprise surprise the sent a copy cca but they have however sent all the trading accounts since inception of the accounts These show ppp charges of £8.44 and service charges of £656.81 My account is not in arrears and is paid every month but the service charge is extortionate. What is my next best step to try to recover the charges My outstanding balance is 664.47 and i coupld potentialy claim back charges of 665.25 so i could clear the account and have 78 new shiny pennies left over for a small icecream lol:-D So gurus what should my next step be Cheers
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