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  1. I have been having the same thoughts, something strange seems to be going on. I really do need some help though. Northern Rock are very cagey about what they tell you. I was trying to get to the bottom of why Asset are still chasing me for a debt that Northern Rock claim is a closed account. I have been told verbally twice last year and again on Saturday that the debt is cleared, but I have Asset wanting to make me bankrupt and asking me to pay, which incidently I had mad an agreement but it's not good enough for them. I have reported them to the Financial Ombudsman for intimidating behaviour. I do wonder if Northern Rock has an interest in Fairmile!!!
  2. I also have problems with Asset similar to yourself. I rang the ombudsman to complain about their behaviour, plus I had offered to pay monthly. The Ombusman are in the process of writing to Asset. Asset were not happy with my proposals of payment and dismissed it saying they were going for bankruptcy, with this I have recieved a letter "Notice to Commence Bankruptcy Proceedings" I will try and seek further legal advice tomorrow. I have been paying Asset for a few months now, but Northern Rock has said the account is now cleared as my ex husband made a lump sum payment, but Asset want money from me to. They also want to ruin my career, by making me bankrupt, I need to check where I stand tomorrow in case they do go ahead with their actions. How are these people allowed to get away with this behaviour?
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