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  1. Thanks Mossy, I have asked them for a tape recording which they said they will provide. i know i am not entitlted to a refund but only found this out today as a 'team leader' took the time to explain everything. But i think i should have some kind of compensation as it was not explained clearly in the first place and i would have done without driving the car until i was in a better position to pay for it.
  2. Sorry, the £91.00 was for the renewal of the policy, i cancelled this direct debit as i was not going to renew the policy at this price. The £98.00 was a deposit for a new policy they told me i could take out for £56 per month instead of the one at £91.00 per month. That is when i told them i could not afford the £98 as i had not budgeted for it and the advisor clearly stated that i would get a refund for £74 from the original £91 even though i told her i had not paid £91 in the first place because i cancelled the DD.
  3. Long story....been with M&S for 3rd year now, unpo renewal of policy i was told it would be £56.00 per month, they sent new policy documents for £91.00 per month. i cancelled DD and called them up. They told me they could not offer the original price as it should never have been offered in the first place. However if i took out a new policy with them they could offer it at £56.83 per month but i would have to pay £98.44 as a deposit. i told them i could not do this but was assured by the advisor i would get a refund for £74.00 in my bank therefore i paid the £98.00. i have called them today as i have not received the refund only to be told there is no refund due because the £91.00 was never paid by me. This conversation was recorded apparently and i stated to the advisor 'you are sure i will get the refund as i have not budgeted for this' she replied 'yes'..... Do i have a leg to stand on even though i never paid the £91.00 to get the refund from???
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply, they didn't tell me there would be no entitlement when i took out the policy. i have started the complaint already!! Thanks again
  5. I had a car accident on Monday, i beleive it's not my fault however the decision is still to be made. M&S car insurance have sold me a fully comp policy. When i asked M&S if this included a courtsey car they said yes. Now they won't provide one as they say the T&C's of their hire people don't allow people with 9 points to have one and if i had of checked the policy documents it would state this. I have read through the policy documents and it states a car will be provided subject to the rental company's terms and conditions. No T&C's for the rental company are included in the policy documents and I was not told this when purchsing the policy. Does anyone have any advice what i can do. i have spoken to M&S, the underwriters Fortis and the motor legal department. Please help!!!
  6. Thanks for that both of you, i have contacted someone i know who works for the council, explaining my situation and the fact that I want to pay, she said it will be no problem because i have contacted them straight away they will help me to sort out a repayment plan with them!! Thanks again for your help x
  7. Hi, I hope someone can give me some guidence/advice please. I have fallen behind with my CT. I owe £459.00 for this financial year. I have recieved a court summons for 3rd March. I lived with my partner who is unemployed cant claim benefits cause i work. the council informed me that I still need to pay full rate (no discount). My partner moved out december 8th 08, i didnt inform CT cause my head was up backside!! He is moving back in in a few weeks. He is adiment he wants to go to court and tell the judge why he cant pay his half of the bill, but surely this will effect me? I want to pay at least my part of the bill. I want to pay his too but i'm just finding all this too much pressure financially. Please help i cant stop crying it is so embarrasing x
  8. I need to write to halifax/blair oliver scott asking them to remove any charges/interest they have applied to an original cc debt of £1000 as it is now £2122. Any ideas of the letter template i should be using????
  9. Just one more thing.....do i need to send 4 postal orders x £1 for each account or will one at £1 be ok? Sorry to appear a little dense but i really have no idea!
  10. ODC thanks very much for that, we rent the property so they cant take that. If i send a letter offering £1 per month would that be ok. ill send it recorded do i have proof should any further acton be taken?
  11. Thanks for that you guys, ill be back on when i have my response from them x
  12. Once i send off for a cca, i dont have scanning facilities to show you guys
  13. Hi, Thanks for that, i dont have a scanner, is there any other way i can get them checked?
  14. Hi, Both me and my partner have an account with both provident and greenwoods. They have now been passed onto wiseman. I have been on reduced payments for many months but have fallen behind. My partner is unemployed and not in reciept of benefits cause i work full time. I am willing to set up an amount of £5 per month per account (4 accounts in total). Is there a specific letter to send offering this....can they refuse the offer?? Whats my next step please?
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