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  1. Hi all, Still going backwards and forwards on this one. The loan was for £6500 from Paragon Finance (formerly Universal Credit) The amount of the PPI was £1795.20 The payments were £166.23 plus £29.92 per month for the PPI and it was for 60 months. The APR was 19.95%. The start date was 05/10/1998. Paragon are saying they are not responsible, I should be chasing Midland and General as they were the introducing broker. Midland and General been taken over by GE Money, who say they have no record and even if they did it is time barred. Just need to know exactly who I shou
  2. I've received my offer letter now and I too am disappointed with their calculations, there is no breakdown to show how it has been calculated. Emmtay have you accepted or what are you doing now?
  3. How have they calculated the interest - have they added the interest at the rate you paid, I was paying 29.9% !!
  4. No, I havent SAR'd Midland and General but I did Paragon at the very beginning of my claim. When you say its not time barred - can you explain a bit more please.
  5. Yes, that's the one, it went on and one until 2011 when I had to give it up.
  6. I had PPI with Paragon from 1998 to 2004 and tried to claim back, I was passed from pillar to post Paragon saying that Midland and General were responsible and vice versa. Eventually in 2011 I had to stop trying after they said that my claim would not fall within the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman and my husband suffered chronic heart failure followed by my son with a brain tumour. We have only really got back on our feet after having to raise money to take our son to America for surgery and I thought I would re-visit this claim in view of the Plevin v
  7. Hi, I also had a letter from Santander in March saying they are reopening my claim, when I phoned them, they said that they were waiting for new calculators under new guidelines to work out how much the claim would be. Eargerly waiting now, they said prob end of July. Had this card from 1995 to 2004.
  8. Tedney are you going for contractual interest from Santander?
  9. Hi, sorry to reopen this thread but Santander were not regulated at the time therefore the FOC were unable to pursue them but took on the Insurance company Genworth, who have settled with 8% standard interest. Phoned FOC to discuss and they said that this is all Genworth are liable for. However Santander were chargnig 29.9% on the balance including ins. ppi premiums therefore surely they should refund this interest as it was money they should not have been taking? Can anyone advise.
  10. Ok, I need some help if possible. I wrote to Genworth concerning their offer of redress and told them that before I would accept any offer I wanted to see a breakdown of how they arrived at the redress figure. I also stated that I believed their offer of 8% simple interest per annum should revised as I was being charged 29.9% and their offer should reflect that. The letter I received back helped not a jot they just state that I paid £1,088.55 in premiums from 23 june 95 to 12 july 04 (where did this figure come from!) the montly premium therefore was calculated at £10.08 - 8% simple intere
  11. Letter received yesterday in reply to my lump sum settlement proposal with a cheque for the full amount proposed, no problems. At last a good outcome.
  12. I have also received an offer that I consider to be far too low. I have asked them to provide a breakdown of how they have calculated the redress and I have also stated that I think 8% simple interest should actually be the interest that was applied to my account which I believe was 29.9% !! We shall see what their response is, it has taken me years to get to this point. If anyone has any more correspondence please keep us all posted so that we know what we are looking at here.
  13. I have received the same offer and have been told to put what I require in way of lump sum settlement in writing, therefore I have estimated the amount spent on treatment in the year we were with Petguard and times it by the expected remaining life expectancy of my dog. It does come to quite a considerable amount, so will just have to wait and see.
  14. Hi, I had the same letter from the FOS about Financial Insurance accepting responsibility. I am so looking forward to this one, waited so long for this and they got a charging order on my house. Took out the store card in 1995 and paid ppi on it until 2004 so should be good.... Waiting patiently!!
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