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  1. Hi, back in November my daughter received a PCN from Civil enforcement ltd. stating she hadn't paid for parking. The parking was in a conservative club that you had to pay for on your phone. S he arrived at 12:08 and left at 12:27. In this time she didn't have her phone on her so ran into the shop to see how she could pay as the club was closed. (the only place to park to visit this shop is the club). They couldn't help so she returned back to the car and left. She later received the PCN then a letter from ZZPS saying they will instruct their solicitors to chase up th
  2. She's worried if she dont pay it, she'll get into trouble. If they start sending their snotty letters and they increase the amount then she will panic as she does. So not to sure whether to write a letter of complaint or just ignore it.
  3. Hi I posted further down about a ticket my daughter got. It was infact a parking charge notice, not a ticket! After speaking to my daughter, she actually tried to get a ticket for 3hours free parking but one didn't come out the machine. It seemed that day it worked when it wanted to. The next day the machine had an out of order sign on it, and is still out of order today! I since found out that the local council lease the land, so who do I write to to complain about the notice would it be the council or the company that owns it? Thank you.
  4. Hi not sure if this is posted in the right place or not. My daughter parked in a small shopping center car park today and got a ticket from ANPR Ltd. Stating they want £100 or if paid in 14 days £50. Where she parked there was a sign up saying 3 hours free parking, she didnt realise she had to get a ticket to cover herself. She was only gone 10 minutes at the most. You cant email these people to complain they only want payment. Apparently a lot of people park there and dont bother with a ticket if they are rushing in and out and a lot of times the machi
  5. Hi my mum received a letter from philips.org today, It was addressed to an unknown name but obviously her address, it was hand delivered through the door. The letter stated that she owed 773 pounds and that it had gone to court and now the baliffs were coming! Being a pensioner she got worried and phoned the company explaning that she doesn't know who the person was and that she isn't in any debt. She asked what the debt was supposed to be as it isn't stated on the letter. The woman on the phone was very rude to my mother, telling her to send them a bill or someth
  6. Thank you for all your help, the doorstep joke was a classic . I will be sending that letter off asap. Thanks again
  7. I have had a letter from shop direct saying they wont take payment from me anymore, then months later I get a letter from lowell saying as I didnt reply to previous letters (I haven't had previous letters from them) they may instruct an agent to call at my home, that was in may, then todays letter saying they want payment. I have only received these 2 letters from lowell. And I havent signed anything from shop direct.
  8. Hi fox thanks for replying I have no idea if they have a right to be collecting as I dont really understand the ins and outs of debts lol. Every month for 3/4 months I got a default notice from shop direct because I was a few days late paying. I dont know what a notice of assignment is, if its something to do with me signing something then I haven't signed nothing. And the account is about 1 to 1and a half years old.
  9. Hi I'm a newby here, so i hope i've posted this in the right place. I received a letter today from Lowell, saying that I owed shop direct £381.34, and now they want payment from me. My last payment to shop direct was in January for £30. Previous to that like most people I ran into money troubles I phoned shop direct back in October 08 stating this and that I would like the default charges to be dropped and the interest to be held for 6 months, as this would help reduce my balance. Every month a statement would arrive with interest and a default charge, every month I would
  10. They want to know where the carpets are for the frontroom and 2 of the bedrooms. Although they should know of the bad damp problem and why the carpets were replaced by woodflooring.My friend has explained several times if the damp problems were resolved 9 years ago when first reported maybe the carpets would still be there.
  11. The old head teacher knew about the flooring and decor she gave the go ahead. The funny thing about all this is they seem to be nit picking because he heard a rumour from a teacher that they want to knock the house down for carparking space!! The new head that seems to be causing all this trouble seems to have it in for my friend as GET THIS her husband has got the job as site agent.... go figure!!! and he won't be living on site.
  12. The keys were handed back before time and the property was left in better condition that what he got it in, thats why he doesn't understand why she is phoning all the time asking where the carpets have gone etc, surely having woodflooring replace the carpets because of the damp problem is better than having mouldy carpets.Which they would have to replace anyway for the next site agent.
  13. when he moved in there was a carpet in the frontroom and 2 bedrooms, and a wardrobe. The house is a flatroofed single brick house so like a garage really. The house is covered in damp was reported since 01 no repairs were ever carried out despite several letters complaining bout the state of the property. Over time he had decorated several times but the damp continued and ruined the frontroom carpet he replaced this with woodflooring, the same with the bedrooms. the wardrobe was replaced with a modern double one which he left as he did the flooring. No he didnt need to tell anyone as he was im
  14. Thank you for taking the time to reply, she is indeed harrassing him he had 3 calls on Thursday and that was just in the two hours he was at my house. So would I be right in saying that he can tell her to stop the calls and put things in writing in the future.
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