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  1. Okay great thanks all, I'll update when I hear back!
  2. So my letter to Cabot will be on the line off (1) the documents supplied are in illegible and I require a true copy of the credit agreement and the full set of customer terms - (you have also sent a illegible set of terms) (2) the name as per the agreement has been crossed out and mine has been included next to the deleted one -( the other details seem correct) (3) As requested please send me all statements from 2005 which include interest and late payment charges (4) PPI cost seems to have been included, please send me all costs associated with that
  3. hi Dx thank you. Is it possible to suggest a basic idea of the letter i need to send please? Thanks.
  4. Since this was in 2004, how should i reply to them with regards to having a copy that is of the original and something that is eligible? Is there a template that you can suggest? many thanks
  5. Waiting to see if they would do nothing is far too risky, in terms of my credit rating and its effect. Would it make sense to reply on the illegible signed document and T&c's? It says on the T&C's that its the banks copy and not the customer copy? What in terms of the s78(1) is important? The contact details that I blackened out are legible to a certain degree but the rest is not. perhaps i send that response then if I do not get what i require perhaps offer a settlement of what percentage - 10%? Should this continue via the mail or by
  6. Hi there, please find it attached. The scanned copy is just as bad as the copy that they have sent me. many thanks.
  7. Is there a template that I can use? Or am I asking for a legible copy of the signed document as well as a clear set of t&c's?
  8. I am not aware of how much the total amount is compromised of interest etc, how do you go about finding out and claiming that back? So what about the rest of the amount?
  9. Hi there, well they haven't complied within the time limits as set, however have sent it to me 53 days after my request, therefore is this debt still enforceable? Also the debt I believe is NOT statue barred as payments had been made ( i didn't realise of £20/month) with that last one 14 months ago - i noticed this standing order on my account didn't know what it was for and cancelled it
  10. I had a sent a CCA request back in December 2014 and today i have received the CCA from Cabots - the t&c's are not legible and the main part of the agreement is partially legible. This CCard is from 10 years ago hence the minimal recollection of this. I have not had any debts in the past 12 years and have a perfect credit rating which I do not want to be ruined again! Can someone please help and advise on the appropriate course of action? Many thanks.[/size]
  11. Hi All, on the 18th December I sent a CCA request. In January they wrote to me saying that they would need to consult with Lloyds. Today I have received a poor copy of the credit agreement 53 days after I sent across my request!! HELP??
  12. Okay thanks DX will do. If they cannot provide one, does that result in the debt being unenforceable?
  13. I guess they still need to prove that I tactically owe the debt so wouldn't they need show me a credit agreement?
  14. This amount must have been from years ago when it was with Lloyds (original creditor) that I would pay £20 per month
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