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  1. Richard - I found this further up the thread; "look carefully on paperwork left, mine stated agreement can be cancelled within 5 days of receiving 2nd copy of credit agreement!" Check the terms on the credit agreement document that you signed. It may say something similar. Hopefully if you don't have the signed copy back you might be OK. Let me know how you get on.
  2. If you don't have the finance agreement countersigned by the finance company yet you MAY be able to still cancel the agreement. You would need to do some digging on this forum to find out about that - in fact it may be in an earlier part of this thread. If not, you might be able to write a letter to the finance company and cancel it saying that you have decided it is not for you and you are contacting them prior to having received the countersigned agreement. (I've not done this so I can't be specific on the detail). Put it all in writing and send it recorded (special) delivery. If I get a cha
  3. Hi Richard, The problem you have is that you have entered into a contract with this company and unless they break the agreement in some form, it would be difficult to get out. The way these courses are sold is quite clever in that rather than selling you and charging you for modules in the course, they essentially sell you everything up front and by financing it via a loan it means they receive the full payment immediately. You are now repaying a finance company the money back rather than the supplier of the course. This is all perfectly legal but it is often only afterwards that you real
  4. random, I think that would be a good idea - however, there is no reason why negative things can't be said - provided that as CAG have said they are a statement of fact. So it would be fair to say something along the lines of "their sales literature clearly shows trademarks from XXXXXX, but I have a written statement from XXXXXX stating that they do not have any affiliation with the company, based on this, I understand this to be a breach of the law". You could then state your actual experience of trying to resolve it for example "the company has refused to make a direct response to this and ha
  5. Get your cancellation letter away by recorded delivery immediately. You can fight the other parts later including recovery of your £100. Hopefully you haven't received your signed copy of the credit agreement back from the financial company yet - in theory you should have a further 7 days from that date. In fact, I would write (recorded) to both the course provider and the finance company notifying them of the cancellation.
  6. Same here, thanks for posting this random. I have quite a bit of the previous postings but I don't remember anything particularly controversial that would have led to deletion of the whole thread. I too have emailed admin for their comments. Hopefully they will reinstate it completely or edit the areas of issue. It was a very worthwhile thread and considering the fundamental purpose of these forums I would be surprised if it wasn't at least reinstated in part.
  7. Matter is now with the F.O.S for their action. This is the last chance before having to go the court proceedings route.
  8. So at least you may have an angle for getting your money back. I signed up in Feb 2008 and am trying to get my money back too.
  9. NJO_89. When did you start the course? Does your first workbook or any after that have the Microsoft / Cisco endorsements?
  10. Hi Karmic, If the course material has the CISCO, Microsoft endorsements then you will still have a case for mis-selling because the Financial Ombudsman Service will consider anything up to six years old. However, you still need to start the process with Skillstrain and (or later) the financial company. You can state the fact that the course material implys that it is approved by or affiliated with CISCO. At the same time you should contact CISCO UK and ask them the question if the course is approved by or affiliated with CISCO at the time of sale. They will reply that it is not. Also, ha
  11. Thanx for the quick reply. Would I be correct then that you are no longer paying back thru Barclays without contest but you are trying to reclaim from Skillstrain via Small Claims Court what you have paid already?
  12. @skillskiller, did you ever get your refund. What is the current status.
  13. @dallinas, does your sales material that you were presented with at the start of the course have any logos or endorsements by Cisco? I have already spoken to Cisco and have been told that Skillstrain were never approved to carry ANY of their logos or trademarks for ANY course.
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