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  1. ok will do, the fos are complaining to bank on my behalf, if bank dont sort it i've to get back in touch wth fos
  2. lol can i just add, i can spell lol, just typin to fast and not checkin, sorry =)
  3. I recieved a letter from the bank this morning acknowledging my complaint, saying they will give me a full response within 4 wks, so if i recieved that this morning then they must have sent it yesterday, the day they took more money from my acc, therefor they have taken the money knowin i was coplaining about the charges =)
  4. Hey all, think the bank have taken yet more money out my accont before i could get to it, as i have lodged a complaint via fos, does this mean my debt is in dispute?? and if so can i call and demand that this recent amount is returned as its in dispute??
  5. well got the kids money moved ok just need to try and get mine b4 they do lol
  6. UPDATE not sure if i did the right thing or not but i called fos and they have lodged a complaint with the bank on my behalf with regards to the charges on my cred card as i only had a limit of 500 and they have so far taken 900 with the view to take another 900, totalling 1300 in charges even i thimk this is extreme. the bank have 8 wks to resolve the matter with me or i go back to fos, have i done the righ thing???
  7. hey spoke to the bank today and have discovered that they have taken a total of £900 from my acc not 200 does any1 know, can they legally do this without informing me ?? it shows up on my statement as cash so i've been thinking i have withdrawn the money the previous month, i have requested a copy of my terms and conditions and agreement
  8. thanks for your help, god its such a minefield!!!! credit should come with a health warning!! lol I'll keep you posted I'm going to go to RBS tomorrow and try and open acc's for the kids and at least get that money moved asap juls
  9. so should i claim charges for my card cash, current acc and credit card? I applied for a cardcash acc with rbs today online, it has been provisionally accepted so hopefully it'll go through. I also have savings acc in my kids names with bos but I am trustee does this mean they can technically recover money from these acc's as my name is on them?? If RBS approve the basic cardcash acc I will just empty the kids acc to and move them all to RBS. juls
  10. thanks I will try this hopefully it will work juls
  11. also can anyone advise on how to deal with the constant phonecalls from dca?? currently I do not answer my home phone and reject calls from numbers that are withheld, private or unknown to me on my mobile, can I answer and tell them to stop calling me? and do they have to listen? j
  12. I have never authorised them to take any money from my acc EVER. It is concerning a halifax creditcard which i had 3-4yrs ago the limit was 500 I now owe 1100 so the 600 extra is late payment fees etc, initially i tried to pay but the fees along with charges just eft me in a vicious circle so i buried my head. when i added the card to my internet banking to start making payments (i set up £40 pm s/o) i noticed that it had two 'payment recvd with thanks' dated 29 jan 09 and 2 feb 09 which i did not make!! i checked my cardcash acc and noticed to withdrawels of £100 on these dates, having read
  13. thanks I'll call them tomorrow, I was also going to call blairoliver do you think this is pointless? j
  14. Hey, well after yrs of burying my head in the sand ( not answering the phone, opening mail or even bank statements) I applied for online banking to TRY and regain control of my debts by allowing me to see whats happening in my acc's, heres what I discovered =( I have a credit card with halifax, the limit is £500 the balance is £1100 (600 being in charges) I also have a current acc which has an overdraft limit of £1250, i went over this 18 months ago and could not keep up paying the charges so had all my money paid into my cardcash acc, then in feb 08 i paid £200 into my current acc b
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