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  1. Cheers - will wait with baited breath for them to get in touch. I gather I can just send Moorcroft a 'bemused' letter when they start pestering me?
  2. thanks vint1954. No certainly don't want them but am sure that I'll get more from other credit card companies!!! Will do as you say and send a letter off on Monday.
  3. Have today received a letter from Blair Oliver and Scott titled Notice of Intended Court Action and that I should pay by 08/02/09 (received letter 06/02/09) to stop action being taken. I have been sending Blair Oliver and Scott Account in Dispute letters as I have never had all the paperwork from Halifax for my Subject Access Request. What is my next step of action?
  4. thanks for your response. I realise that they haven't complied with the SAR due to the lack of paperwork they have sent me and no, I didn't send £10 twice. They put the account in default in December 09 but didn't send me a letter till 11 Jan 10 saying that if I paid £xx by 28 Jan 10 then no further action would be taken but the 'charge off adjustment' credit was put on my account on 12 Jan 10. I was wondering if this debt had been sold onto a DCA but as yet I haven't had a letter from anyone else other than MBNA/Virgin. I was too quick in thinking that they were forgetting about the debt but on doing searches on google it seems that they have just written the debt off as a bad debt but will probably carry on chasing me for it. My few moments of joy were short lived:rolleyes:!!
  5. I sent a Subject Access request along with £10 to Virgin/MBNA but they refused to send info until they had a signature. I sent another letter along with the £10 again that they had returned to me with copies of a utility bill and a copy of my driving licence (no signatures on any). Today I received a letter from them with a copy of my executed agreement, up to date terms and conditions and a copy of my most recent statement (in total 7 pages). The statement has been credited so that the balance is no £0.00!!! I would like to jump for joy but wonder what they are up to? Has anyone else had this where their statement has been credited so that the balance is now at £0.00?
  6. I have x2 halifax credit cards which I am currently in dispute with. I also have a joint account with Bank of Scotland. My wife is worried that Halifax will empty the joint account when her wages go in - can they do this. I know they can take money out of an account when it is in one name but can they do this when it is in a joint account? They also sent a letter at the weekend cutting our overdraft of £1000 in two weeks
  7. Following on from previous posts, I sent a SAR to Sainsbury and have had the following documents: 1) to say they were dealing with the DSAR 2) that they had already sent the paperwork 3) Envelope with Credit Card Agreement and statements My question is: this time they have sent two pages for the Credit Card Agreement. When I had posted it on before there was some question as it being unenforceable but now I'm not so sure as they have now sent a back page. Would really appreciate some advice as to whether it is enforceable and what to do next. Many thanks
  8. please note that the first part of this thread is for an egg loan and the post put on today refers to an egg credit card.
  9. After months of requesting a CCA from Egg, both by CCA request and SAR, I have finally received this. I have looked at other Egg CCA's on this forum and from what I have read, I think that this is unenforceable but an expert eye would be much appreciated. If it is, what is the next step. I put the account in dispute several months ago and have not made any payments to them. They have passed the account to Moorcroft who are threatening litigation unless I get in touch but I keep sending them 'bemused' letters. Would be much appreciated if someone can look over this for me...
  10. Thanks for your replies. As requested, I have copied page 2 of the agreement. I checked the MBNA agreements on the forum and I can only find one that is similar to it although the bar code on it is on the first page and not on the back like mine.
  11. I wonder if someone can look at this. I recently sent off a CCA request for my Virgin credit card and I got this back along with a copy of my current terms and conditions. On the back of this copy is a bar code and my credit limit and reference number. Can someone advise if it is enforceable or not. Thanks.
  12. Hi IdaInFife Thanks for your reply. Thought it was rubbish but just wanted to check.
  13. I am on my last year of a three year contract. I work in a small office - only four of us. Another employee is also on her last year of a three year contract. Both myself and the other employee on the short term contract only get statutory holidays - 5.6 weeks a year - whereas the other two employees who have permanent contracts also get 10 days bank holidays on top of the 5.6 weeks holiday entitlement. Is this legal?
  14. I recently sent off a Subject Access Request for a Sainsbury credit card account after they ignored my CCA request (also my account is in dispute). They sent me a letter saying that they were processing my request but in order to match my exact requirements, I should phone them to discuss my requirements (which I ain't gonna do!!). However they have put this in the letter: "Please note, Sainsbury's Bank plc is not obliged to supply records held in paper format if they do not form part of a relevant filing system". What's all that about???
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