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  1. Well looks like good news, mum has said Sod it let them try so she's just Gonna sit back and ride it out for as long as it takes. 6 months to contest which as you say will be very doubtful The money grabber sister is gonna blow her stack haha
  2. i know, to be honest i imagine what will happen is they will give in and allow them 50 percent of the estate, personally id fight and wait but my mums been in tears over it as the her money grabbing sister is being a right pain in the arse. the solicitor who was a executer has pulled out from being one too, so leaves my mums two sisters as executers, one of them is the money grabber
  3. not really my mother and one of her sisters dont mind if it even takes a year, the other is a money grabber and wants the money yesterday lol
  4. it looks like they are saying they are going to put a caveat on the will can they do that? they do have a copy of the will
  5. long ish story grandfather remarried, v happy were together ages they both had same will if they die money left to other partner etc if after one partner dies the other dies within 30 days the estate is to be split between her 3 children and his 3 children. well she died 12 years ago, 6 years ago he decided to remake a will as his deseased wifes children made no effort atal to contact him or play a role in his life, so he left the estate to his 3 children, but did leave 5 grand to one of the children and 3 grand to the other two so atleast hes given them something. now he died few weeks back, low and behold they are all popping out of the woodwork one had even requested copy of the will, now they are saying they are going to contest the will put a cveat on the house and kicked off about letting him be burried in his wifes grave, how cruel and twisted is that!! anyway we know they cannot do that bit and funeral for him to be burried in his wifes grave will go ahead thankfully. any thoughts and opinions on this?
  6. when we canceled we done it over the phone never had a problem and only took a few mins
  7. so whats the latest on this? i found it very interesting, its good to remove the cowboys it can only help the more or less honest garages etc
  8. and only that can be done once they have taken you to court, but they dont seem to ever do
  9. i wouldnt pay anything mate and they cannot put anything on your credit file
  10. well after a few missed calls i answerd the phone to eos yesterday, they started with the data protection thingy can i confirm and i said no , she was shocked lol, i basicly said i want it to go to court and then and only then if the judge makes me ill pay. all things to go in writing then today she called again, asked me if i was willing to talk and go through the data thingy i said no lol, i wasnt rude or aggressive i just leveled with her and said no dissrespect if i hand over the money ill be 580 out of pocket paypal gave the money back to the [EDIT] not me so i will not be paying it, she then said ok well theres nothing more we are going to do they are going to return it to paypal, more then likely though paypal will give it to another company lol however stg1 complete eos solutions 0 me 1
  11. well its started to dat ive had two std type letetrs and now the phone calls are comming, in, a message saying about a urgent business matter pls call 0844 etc, other time they said same to my wife but i wasnt in.
  12. its too late for all that..... im asking how to deal with eos sensible replys from people in the know please
  13. he files a not as described dispute as i couldnt reply he won the case
  14. heres my story, sold an expensive watch on ebay for £580 buyer was from italy, he paid via paypal i sent the watch after funds were in my bank account, a friend then said to me jesus thats very dodgy especially with the [problematic] on paypal and italy postal system i took no chances and removed my bank account and credit card from paypal account and then closed paypal account for good low and behold a few weeks later paypal dispute long haul i lost the case i couldnt even reply to the dispute as i didnt even hjave a paypal account no more !!! paypal called me i told them in more or less terms take me to court i will only respond to letters. today i got a letter from eos demanding nearly £600 pounds. so....... can i sit tight ignore all? can they come knocking? fair doos if it ends up in court and i loose ill pay up even though i dont want to as it stands at the mo im not out of pocket, but paypal are by nearly 600 surely they wont let that slide?
  15. hi after receiving a £70 ticket under the wiper at tescos today i went on the net and found this thread thankyou so much i shall be ignoring all contact however i have noticed this, my ticket was from euro car parks if you go to the Welcome to ECP online website there a bit were you can enter in your ticket details, it brings up a £30 fine but then i started trying different ticket numbers by changing last digit etc and funny the ticket came up todays date with a £30 fine, i bet even if the system has no recollection of excistance it also still charges you as they will be waiting for the stubb form the carpark warden blokey or just trying it on so then everyone sees the £30 thinks what a result and pays!!! thats just wrong again surely? look ECP Online Parking Charges payment system just enter in the ticket number like the one on the display ticket on there picture it dates 2007 but then change last digit or another digit etc i even make up a 7 digit number beginning with A and it worked
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