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  1. They are now threatning us with the debt collectors if we dont pay within 7 days. Dont you just love estate agents! Back to solicitors i suppose . Almost a year since first put house on market. STRESS!!!!
  2. t&c state. "The commission due to us shall be payable to us on completion of the sale of the property. You hereby authorise us to obtain from any solicitors or conveyancers acting for you on the sale of the property to disclose to us all relevant sale information and to pay us the sums due to us as soon as reasonably practicable after they become due to us out of any deposit or proceeds of sale held by them on your behalf" We think the first line applies but they are saying we should pay out of deposit which we used to carry on with our purchase! By the way our solicitor not interes
  3. House sale fell through after exchange ( 2 down in chain walked away leaving our buyer unable to complete) We managed to refinance and still bought . we still own original property .Estate agents want full 1.5% fee even though we only got deposit. They say money due on Exchange even if your buyer does not complete and buy property. Is this right?
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