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  1. I've been paying them £270 monthly without any missed payments and have recently received the usual pre-court threatening letters from a DCA (Allied Int Credit (UK) Ltd) to pay the full amount immediately. I've written to the DCA asking them to explain why they're taking this course of action and await their reply. If the agreement is unforceable then I'll fight all the way to court. BH.
  2. Have you received a copy of your agreement yet? I CCA'd them some time ago and got copies of mine (have a look at my thread). Are yours the same/ enforceable? Regards, BH.
  3. Am I the only person on this forum with this type of agreement:confused:
  4. Hi Everyone, I've received a copy of my agreement from Natwest who I'm also battling on other fronts. I'd be grateful for CAGer's opinion on whether this is enforceable or not as Natwest, Triton and their minions are beggining to @*$% me off. Cheers, BH p1.pdf p2.pdf
  5. Just received a request for the above amount from HMRC who have added student loan repayments to my investigated 2006-07 tax return. Is this the year these types of loans started being payed back? I started repaying via my employer in 2007-08 tax year so was a bit surprised to receive this demand. Should the onus have been on my employer at the time? Thanks. BH.
  6. I wrote to Natwest on 7th June asking them to refund my bank charges (£70+interest) and opened the mail this morning to see the attached DN. Surely they can't do this if I'm disputing the bank charges?? I've just sent them a letter before action also. On a separate note I sent a CCA request for my loan account which I received (looks genuine with my signature on it - will upload it when I get to the office) and they've slapped me with another DN for £300! I can't see where the £300 has come from as the regular payments are £277.76. I can pay the £93.18 but can't find £300 by Thursd
  7. Send me to the front of the que. I'm in!
  8. We were also in a similar situation with several accounts with barclays. After we sent a CCA request for one of the loans our current account was terminated approx 2 months later! Yet they're still sending us notice of reserve fees etc!!
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