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  1. ah yes, thats what me bro told me to do, cheers.
  2. natwest have told me they are putting a default on my account. i told them i wont be paying any money into that bank account to clear the charges in there until i recieve payment of my bank charges.... rite thing to do? they have a week till friday as i sent my letter off with the charges summary.
  3. Evening Debt Mountain, Nice one on your 'win' ha.. Out of interest, please could you PM me the e-mail address you used for just post it on here if that's ok ? Would like to keep it for when I get to the LBA/Court filing stage. Thanks WP
  4. No.. Chase for the rest and also, don't forget about your interest ! That can make a big difference.. Tell them your happy with the payment, as a part payment only and you'll chase the rest through the courts if needs be.. Look around at other threads to get the general idea. Thanks
  5. Send an SAR.. I've been promised mine after phoning up, but I'll be lucky if I get them, giving it 7 days (as they advised) if they don't come, then I'll be sending an SAR off straight away.. Small cost, but can be claimed back.
  6. Well, Had the account from Feb 02 - May 06.. Several charges have been put on the account as I can remember.. Gave them a call today to ask for the statements and details of charges.. No mention them costing me (The accounts closed anyways) just that they will be with me within 7 Days.. We'll see.. Doesn't sound as easy as MBNA to get the charges back, but I'm up for a fight.. Should be fun..
  8. Hello, Give Yvonne a ring.. Tell her your not happy and you'd like the full amount, ask them to double check your interest rate, contractual and compound then go from their.. As a guideline, read through other people's post's on this here forum. You get what I mean.. As soon as I get my SAR details back,calculated charges etc, I'm straight on the phone to them..! Cheers Mike
  9. Hi Glenn, Yeah have read through your thread a few times. I'll get my charges together and ask them to calculate the interest on top of that. The contractual and compound interest. I've been on here loads lately reading through about interest etc, still can't get my head around it exactly. Got an idea of how it works, but soon as I get my charges I'll make sure I'm well upto speed on what I should be asking for ! Cheers again. Mike
  10. Sent SAR off 13th October. Soon as I get it back, I'll go through the phone route me thinks. Can't wait to see how much they owe me.. : ) Thanks again for replies.
  11. Hi Glenn, Thanks for your reply.. Oh yeash, I do plan to get all of the charges and all of the interest back.. I've tried again on the phone today (to the billing deparment, rather than just customer services) to get some basic info (just the overdraft charges, and late payment fee's) since the account has been open.. was told they can only go back 12 month's, is this true ? Also, should I cancel my payment protection ? Asked again I know.. I've printed off my SAR today and going to send it tomorrow. Gonna start my GE Capital when I get home tonight aswell.. and then
  12. "these things usually change once its my turn!".. That's so true.. ha. Mike
  13. Thanks, I'm getting my SAR together at the mo. Couple of questions. I'm not currently paying a DD of fixed £50 per month, should I cancel this ? as overall (after charges and payment protection) I'm only cutting my balance by around £11.. crazy I know.. or, as this won't matter at the end of the day (when I get the cash back) shall I just make my payments as usual. Also, should I cancel my payment protection ? At this stage, my plan is to get all my charges back, and clear the outstanding amount I owe straight away with the payment.. and most probably have some left over..
  14. Evening, Tried to request my statements from MBNA twice over the the phone today.. got the usual of "yes we can print your statements, upto 12 month's. Anything beyond that, each statement will cost you £2.50" What a rip off ! I'll go the route of S.A.R - (Subject Access Request). Even explained to the two people and asked the question of how can I get all my statements from sending in an SAR but not over the phone ?! Both weren't aware of what I was talking about. Oh well, Just got off the phone to them.. In the last 12 month's I've been charged £523 that'
  15. Apologies, posted twice, Mod please remove. Thanks
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