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  1. thanks rory will send the euro piece ithink
  2. hi, thanks for both your replies. rory did you mean a 1 euro piece or a cheque of 1 euro?
  3. can anyone help please. should i send a sterling bankers draft. if so do i need to purchase this from an english bank in france?? anybody out there please>>>>
  4. hi all, have hit a snag with the 1£ payment for the cca. went to the french post office, not possible to send a postal order abroad. cashier suggested a international money order, don't know how that works, she didn't really know either(we are in rural france after all:)), only have a euro checkbook, am assuming they won't accept that. i do have all globals bank details , iban ect. but if i transfer the payment into their bank account they could probably say that it was a payment against the debt?? don't know what to do , anyone any advice please as want to deal with this as quickly as possib
  5. hi there, i have the same problem , a euro cheque book only. I went to the french post office and postal orders are for within france only. they suggested an international money order ?? don't know how that works though, woman in the post office didn't really know either!! so didn't chance it . sorry for my ignorance ,am new to this, whats a bac? i have all the bank details of dca, so do you think a transfer(iban) would do the job. would be grateful if you've found a solution u could let me know. whats bump?? a bientot
  6. thank you so much , will do that asap, after having a good read around the forums i have no intentions of phoning them, seems like a very bad idea , as yet they have not tried to phone , probably only a matter of time as AIB certainly have our no. here. will sign off for now as kids will be home from school very shortly, again thanks for the advice ,lets see whay happens................
  7. anyway will follow that advice, and let u know what happens, finding this website and reading all the good advice has taken a tonne of my shoulders many thanks indeed.
  8. no just a couple of reminder letters of late payment and then the scary one from global debt collectors, are they serious about starting legal proceedings within 14 days ??
  9. sorry me again, do seem to remember the lump sum we paid of a few years ago involved quite a bit of interest, sorry for sounding so uniformed but like i said no statements for 4 years, how stupid are we??
  10. hey thanks for answering!! card was taken out roughly 1995/96 .no idea about interest ect. as have had no statements from them inthe four years we have been in france. a few sporadic letters when we have missed a payment in the past but that is it. what do u think?
  11. hi all, found this site a few days ago and all i can say is what a godsend!! just plucked up the courage post, this is all new to me so please be gentle. anyway, let me quickly explain the problem. the hubby has a credit card debt (allied irish banks) for 2,315 euro's , was a lot larger than that but paid off a lump sum just under 2 years ago, agreed to pay the rest monthly and they agreed to freeze the interest, fabb!! until about 2 months ago, hubby lost job, 3 little mouths to feed , missed 2 payments and they passed to a dca ,global debt recovery. we have lived in france for the past 4 y
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