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  1. his is my defence used in claim made by Arrow Global I wish to defend a claim against Arrow Global Guernsey Limited. I have no knowledge of the claim they have issued against me. I have no contract or agreement with Arrow Global Guernsey Limited in anyway shape or form. I believe that Arrow Global Guernsey Limited are a third party who have no evidence that I owe any debt and have simply purchased a debt from another party without my consent or knowledge. Should this be the case then the original debt has been has been satisfied and without any agreement, whether verbal or in writing, or without a signed contract by both myself and Arrow Global Guernsey Limited stating that I agree to reimburse Arrow Global Guernsey Limited for the claim made against me. I request Arrow Global Guernsey Limited be able to provide me with full evidence of their claim against me. I request that the claimant provides verification of their claim, including a lawful contract; a hand signed invoice in accordance with Bills of Exchange Act (1882) and proof of agency. Their said failure to provide verification of their claim constitutes an agreement to the following terms: that they are a third party interloper; they have no legal standing; no first-hand knowledge of this matter; their claim is fraudulent; any damages I suffer they will be held culpable; they agree to pay all fee schedules; that any negative remarks made to a credit reference agency will be removed and that they will no longer pursue.
  2. hhhhheeeeellllppppppp i am in serious need to fill in the allocation questionaire not sure how to fill in
  3. I havent requested any documents via CPR 31.14, CCA request or anything i didnt realise i needed to they have told me that they are sending copy documentation I have got till 24/11/12 to send off my Allocation questionaire thats all i know bit thick really arent i
  4. I received a letter out of the blue from NCC 26/09/12 this year re arrow global guernsey limited with bryan carter solicitors acting on their behalf with the particulars of claim being " the claimants claim is for the balance due under an agreement which is now all due and payable" " The defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number xxxxxx but has failed to do so" and the claimant claims the sum of ?? The claimant also claims interest thereon pursuant to S.69 county court act 1984 limited to one year to the date hereof at the rate of 8% per annum amounting to 0.00 I sent a defence to northampton using a template either off here or another site cant recall correctly and cant find the letter i sent (aaaarrrggghhh) saying i didnt recognise the debt to arrow at all and that if the debt had been bought by arrow i did not agree to any purchase. I also stated that at no time have I entered into any agreement with arrow either in writing or verbally to pay any so called debt and that if arrow has purchased the debt then i believe the original debt has been settled. I then received a letter off bryan carter dated 29/10/12 saying that the where no longer instructed in connection with this matter I then received a letter off arrow with a notice of change of solicitors and was now being dealt with by their litigation team also it says We notice from your defence dated 28/09 that i state that i have no knowledge of the outstanding balance and that they confirm this matter relates to a CapOne CC opened 10/07 and that copy documentation regarding said account has been requested from the originating creditor and will be forwarded to you on reciept. The account was assigned to AGGL on or around 11/02/11 and notice of assignment was served on myself at this time. i do not have any letters from arrow from this date i have checked my credit file with equifax today it says ive had a Credit Card from Arrow Global Ltd (I) / XXX Start Date 19/10/2007 Date Updated 15/03/2011 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied Default Date 10/10/2009 My credit file does not have any record of original lender just arrow and that record is linked to a old address from 3 years ago I hope all this make sense to anyone because im confusing myself I have now received a notice of defence from northampton along with a allocation questionaire This is where i could do with a helping hand because i havent got a clue how to fill this in
  5. hello everybody im lost completely baffled with everything thing at the moment. i had a loan, credit card, and overdraft with halifax which are now well in arrers and being chased up by eversheds and cabots i know that i have to pay them back as i took out the debts but as i dont work because of looking after my children and my husband as he is disabled. i cannot afford the amounts they want back off me i have tried telling them that i can afford token payments of £5 per month but they wont accept. I have read on several different forums that i can and cannot do certain things regarding them wanting finacial statements, both companies ringing 3 or more times a day starting at 8.30am. As me and my family live with my mother the phone calls are not private and i dont really want my mum knowing my financial wrong doings. if it helps my husband is on a payment scheme set up with CAB before we married he pays just £1 per month to collection agencies could some kind person please advise me on these matters any help would be gratefully recieved deb
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