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  1. Hi Well n point with another solicitor as they will all have high fees. I will fight it as much as i can with another letter of complaint. I have also requested a copy of the CCTV footage, so i will keep you updated. Thanks Michael
  2. Hi All i can do is write to the Coop again for them to reinvestigate this, i have done the letter and will post this tonight, so lets see what happens this time and if anything happens i will let you all know Michel
  3. Hi everyone Well just to give you an update. I have spoken to the Solicitor today and i am not going to go any further as the costs are too great. The solicitor is very nice and has advised me and he feels it is Disgusting behaviour from the Store, and he said he could do a letter and get them to reimburse any cost, but they may not decide to pay them and then i get landed with a bill instead. So i am not going to go ahead with further action as the cost is to great and i realise that the solicitor at the end of the day has a job to do and that, but i just want to thank people fo
  4. Hi Sam Well yes if i am being honest, i feel once you have a label, it is very hard to get rid of it, i don't want people thinking i am a theif, even though i know i am not, but you know what todays society is like.
  5. Thanks Sam, that is very kind of you. I have also decided that i am going to move home too, i think this may help too.
  6. Hi Sam Well i would like an apology, i would like an apology from the Coop to me and my family, not a computer written letter i want at least a handwritten letter and then the same apology made to me in front of the staff that i know there, as one of the staff members lives very near to me. I would never shop there again as i would not be able to walk in there. I feel with the letter of apology that would make me feel better, well i hope anyway. Michael
  7. Thanks Sam It has been very upsetting, i feel ashamed and very dirty still, i cant go in to any shops where i live as i feel people are talking about me, as it is a very close knit village/ small town. I now shop in another county, and even though i have done this i still feel very uncomfortable. I had a bit of a week this week, i came home on Weds and picked up the post from the door mat about 5 x letters and from the look of them at first on the mat all loooked like junk, so i just started tearing them open and one of them i had opened contained 3 x £25.00 gft vouchers for M&S,
  8. Hi Guys No heard anything from the solicitor yet, i did ring and his assistant did say he would have to look at everything in detail, so i suppose it will take a little time. Hope everyone is ok ? Michael
  9. Well just to let you know, i have handed in the copies of the letters i have recieved from the Co-op to a solicitor today, and i will see what his opinion is, I am hoping he will see fit in this case. Everyone i have told about is like Well shocked, so will let you all know how i get on. Thanks once again for all your assistance and great advice everyone Mike
  10. Hi Well i think they have an outside agency that provides the Security for them, i have tried contacting the store, but as soon as i speak they place the phone down on me. I have gave the letter i have recieved from the Co-op to my solicitor now, he is off till Wednesday, so i imagine he will either call them or Write to them. I imagine in his letter he will ask about the SIA licence issues. Thanks everyone you are all so kind to help me here, it is so distressing and is reassuring to know that people are here to help you out. Thanks Michael
  11. Hi Shezboy I agree with you, it is total crap, i never ever thought in my life i would be in this kind of situation and it is so bad, i can't get it out of my head and it is making me so ill. Well photocopying the letter this morning and then posting it through the door of the solicitor today, he is back on Wednesday and i presume he will send a letter to them. As soon as i have more info i will let you know Mike
  12. Hi Michael Thankyou, Well i don't lie, i have never lied before and have no intentions too either. They are just soooo protecting themselves so much here, and making me look like a badun....
  13. Exactly Kiptower, my mum and dad have just rang me, and they said the same " Conduct when shopping " Dad says he did not realise there was a ruling when shopping that we must adhere too. I am so mad
  14. Hi Guys Well firstly thankyou all so much for your kind words. Well i have recieved a letter from the Coop as they have now concluded there investigations and as i thought they have labelled me BAd and as a theif with intent to decive them, i am so upset i cant tell you how much, i have lost nearly a stone in weight now and have hardly slept and keep being sick, the letter is quite lenghty so i will post important bits on now, i have told my solicitor and he has asked me to copy the letter and post it, as he wil ldeal with this on Weds. So here goes The statements have all identi
  15. Hi Well just an update, i have had a letter from the Co-op saying they are now investigating this matter and collecting statements from the all the staff involved and observers. I have managed to get a solicitor ( bloody good ) one too, i went to see him yesterday and when i told him my story he was fuming, and what we are going to do, is wait till Weds next week for the response, and then i have to fax the letter to my solicitor, and basically he said they will try and protect there arses, and he basically will rip into them. He also stated the Coop in my village has a good reputatio
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