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  1. Could someone give me anymore advise on the above please. many thanks
  2. Thanks for the coments 2Grumpy Your attention is drawn to ss.5(2), 3(b),6 and 7 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPUTR). I enclose a postal order in the sum of £1.00, which is the statutory fee. Note that these funds are not to be used for any other purpose. this was clearly marked on my CCA request. Have written to them quoting this and to return my £1. They are ignoring this request. Could it be because this was sent to Wescot I presume that you are thinking of the time before it becomes SB. What do you mean before it becomes SB?
  3. Hi guys, This is the story in short. Origanily I CCA`d IQOR, they sent back my £1.00 PO, saying they where NO longer dealing with this account. Weeks later I got a letter from Wescot, demanding the same money as IQOR was wanting, I then sent them the £1.00 PO for the CCA, the account was then put on hold as they could NOT find 1. Months pasted, I then receive a letter from Moorcroft, yes wanting the same money s the other 2 DCA`s. I wrote to them stating that it was STILL in dispute with Wescot, so return this account to them. That I do NOT accept this debt. In return I have
  4. Going with what is on here MONX I agree with you. No agreement no debt. Do you think that I should just ignore this letter (am getting good at that) or send them I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS DEBT
  5. Hi guys, Not posted in a wee while, but will make this as short as poss. CCA`d this debt back in Feb, it has since been past to another 2 differant DCA`s, which I sent both a BEMUSED LETTER from site. This morning I received this; RE xxxx Bal xxxxxx Bla bla bla, We have been advised from xxxxxxx, a copy of the aggreement is unavailable, xxxxxx have written to you already to advise this (NO THEY HAVEN`T) however, we have re-ordered this for you. We cannot return this account to xxx as thier time has expired and we are now dealing with it.
  6. thanx Cemma, will get that letter posted of 2morrow
  7. got this today. what do you all think. You will notice that they have stuck a sticker over something, and written my ref number on top of it. Whats my next move, and what do I write to them now. thanx for all help
  8. Hi everybody, I need some help again. I received this as an answer to my CCA. http://i441.photobucket.com/albums/q.../CCAfromBQ.jpg After posting it up here, was still unsure in what letter to send them, so didn't send anything in responce to it. This morning I received this letter from; NELSON GUEST & PARTNERS SOLICITORS date 2 April ref no. xxxx Dear me, Re; my debt amount xxxx We are instructed by Wescot on behave of the above named client, in connection with the sum outstanding shown above. Given the high valu
  9. Thanks Bigegg, for the post. I first sent that letter to Wescot begining of March, it was the only thing I could think of to send them, that I could relate to the bits that are missing on the CCA. Thanks for the help also
  10. Your mind will be going into overtime, studying and on here helping others. You will be well awarded 1 day Heliosaf. I did an online check, on the experian and there was a default put on the account the end of last year. I can not mind off every getting a default letter sent to me, and I think I would mind of that. I have been sent nothing else. What I have put up the other day via photobucket is all that I was sent I am very gratefull for your reply, many many thanks
  11. Sorry for keeping on posting, I am really unsure on what letter to send in reply to the CCA I received. Don't I send them anything because there is 3 pages missing? Do I send them another Account in Dispute letter, because they never sent a full copy of the CCA? Or do I just give in because the debt is mine and they have sent me a signed copy of a CCA? Please help
  12. Could someone tell me what letter I should send Wescot in reply to the incomplete CCA. http://i441.photobucket.com/albums/qq133/buddyh42/CCAfromBQ.jpg Many thanx
  13. many thanx GM. Your advice is much appreciated. Barrelly
  14. They have only sent me 1 of 4 pages, so that means that it is not a complete CCA. Right Sorry GM if I am being thick, and I do hope I will get my head round all this jargon, sometime soon, like now When it comes to all these T&G's things, I seem to get more confused the more I read. Thanx again
  15. Thanx for explaining that GM. What do you think should be my next move, and what letter do you sugest I send them in reply to there so called CCa
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