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  1. I spoke to Payplan ppl and they sent me some info pack with all the info.. I have created a letter for all banks to explain them reasons why i can't pay balance in full. Now i need the direct address for Barclays CC, Halifax CC and A&L CC where i need to send out these letters. Can someone provide me the address please? Thaks
  2. Just wondering to know when you are receiving Incapacity benefits ( ESA ), do you have to go to job centre to sign on or you are paid direct into account? Also, if you are receiving ESA, is it possible to leave country without having to lose allowance? Thanks
  3. Ok fine,. I have not spoken to any DCA because they have my old address and i dont wish to give them new address unless they find out automatically. So now my question is, how should i approach paypal or ccca? I have checked their website but do not know their procedure of handling cases? Any further advice please? Thanks
  4. Many thanks for prompt reply and im sorry for being nut by asking.. What is DCA AND CCA?? How can i approach Payplan and CCCS?? I really dont see any point paying to 3rd party debt management as they keep most of the money.
  5. It's my 1st post on this forum. Hope everything goes smooth as i have been referred here from another forum. *************************************************** My father got into trouble 4 years ago and he ended up losing £10K.. It was all CC money. He could not pay full amount and i ended up contacting debt management company who then agreed for £100 a month and dealt with 3 banks for 2 years. Due to some reasons, i had to cancel the Standing order for that payment last month and no money went through. Now he is getting letters from Blair, Oliver and scott Ltd, asking him
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