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  1. Hi edb49, AXA may be unwilling to provide you with the costings due to the fact they will get a discounted price using their own preferred supplier. This costings forms their "limit of liability". However, should you request a cash settlement, I would expect them to reveal this cost - please be warned it may be significantly less than your own contractor - use the Scope of Works (Schedule of Works) to compare what repairs have been proposed. Kind regards, Andy
  2. Not particularly in agreement with this reply - see my comments in red; http://www.axainsurance.com/homeinsurance/policy-wording/policywording_43.pdf#page=24 Whereas Aviva state the following; http://www.aviva.co.uk/library/pdfs/home/NHDHG6080.pdf#page=2 However I will note that there are other finer points which may have a bearing on the insurance companies decision to change supplier/loss adjuster should you dispute their decision. Main one being the cost of a claim being referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) - I believe it's in the region of £500-600 but
  3. I'm glad to see a lot of people come on her and be positive! StrawberryFieldFairies - with regard to your query surrounding the jewellery. The policy will/should state that the Insurer will settle at the price they can source the item. IF the jewellery is not able to be sourced then the Insurer has to give you full retail price.. Quote from FOS website: "Policyholders should be allowed to choose where they purchase a replacement and they are entitled to a cash settlement if they cannot find an acceptable alternative. In such circumstances, we would not regard it as reasonable for th
  4. Speak to them on Monday and advise them you are considering going elsewhere as they are failing to meet your requirements.
  5. Call them on Monday and request that they issue you a formal repudiation letter. This will confirm the reason they are declining the claim and give you more chance to challenge their decision. Upon receipt of the letter, I would appreciate if you could put the body of the text on here so I can try help you.
  6. I would hope that Crawfords have asked these questions already.... Has Crawfords sent you a repudiation letter?
  7. Jansus is right in saying that the ceiling may have become saturated and consequently collapsed. The insurance company is required to confirm the cause of damage is not covered by the policy but I will presume that the Incident Manager would have asked the appropriate questions i.e. "Is there any evidence of a water on the collapsed plaster?", "How old is the property?", "Has anyone done any work in this area within the past year?", etc.
  8. Thanks for responding to my questions! Although, I have a few more... 1) Is the sofa part of a suite? 2) Why did you dispose of the trousers? 3) Have you still got the sofa? 4) Have you discussed the possibility of someone attending the property? 5) The TV claim, when was it?
  9. I recommend speaking to Tadley Services Group. They specialise in restoration works and maybe able to assist you here: TSG | Cleaning & Restoration | Soft Furnishings
  10. I agree with Mossycat. Please remember that insurance is not a maintenance contract. Could you confirm what insurance policy your mother has so I can read the wording.
  11. I don't think it is right of the Insurer to refuse to cover the rest of the property. They have multiple options to consider i.e.: Exclude cover to that section of the home (until a report is provided) Exclude storm damage to that section of the property or the whole property (until a report is provided) Exclude all wet perils on that section of the property or the whole property (until a report is provided) I take it this was the only aspect which is affecting the underwriters decision? Was a pre-purchase survey completed?
  12. I don't think this will be very successful... In order for me to get a full understanding, could you please answer the following questions?: 1) Has Crawfords attended the property? 2) Has a restoration company, such as Tadleys Group, been to your property? 3) How old is the sofa? 4) How much was it when you purchased it? 5) What claims have you had in the previous 5 years? 6) When was this claim submitted? (i.e. before, during or after the carpet claim) 7) When was the trousers disposed of? (i.e before or after the claim was reported) 8 ) What type of settlement are you l
  13. With regard to the value of repairs, I would agree that the firm is not a loss adjuster. After a quick search on Google, I think I found them: Survey Services As you can see above, they are surveyors. I would recommend either Munters, Rainbow or Chemdry for the restoration works.
  14. I agree with LemonTwist. With regard to an L/A getting a bonus from "adjusting" the loss, this is misconception from the wrongly titled name. The name should be Loss Assessor. A Loss Adjusting firm is paid per hour for their services. Although they maybe expensive to use, they can handle all aspects of a claim (i.e Legal, Recovery (Subrogation), Fraud etc.) and thus end up being more beneficial then training and putting a whole claims unit through courses (i.e. CII and ACII).
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