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  1. Hi, Anyone got any thoughts on the above letter? Thanks Blue x
  2. Hi Guys, Just to keep Westcot and Natwest off my back until I finish reading ptr's long thread on CPR 31.16 and until the ICO get back to me, I'm thinking of sending the following to them. Has anyone any thoughts on whether this letter sounds okay or not? I've cobbled it together from previous letters sent. Dear Sirs Thank you for your recent letter, the contents of which have been noted. I believe that your client has failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account, and therefore this accou
  3. Ida, Thanks, will start reading the thread again to make sure I follow it correctly. Do you think its worth writing to westcot and inform them that the account is in dispute because natwest failed to comply with the two CPR letters? Blue x
  4. Hi Ida, Yes, letter 2 sent and they never responded to either letter apart from telling me to pay up or they may take me to court, and to say that the account isn't in dispute. Blue x
  5. Ida, Thanks for replying. I have already sent that letter and got no response from them. Blue
  6. Hi, Received a letter today from Westcot basically saying they refuse to acknowledge my account is in dispute as they have supplied the CCA (see page 2 of this thread) and I should now send them a full payment. Is there anything I can do as I don't believe they have sent me what I asked for. I would like to see the original CCA not something I could type up myself!! I'm tempted to just ignore them and let them take me to court because then they would need to produce the original document - any thoughts? Still no news from the ICO re the SAR yet. Thanks Blue
  7. Hi Elsa Many thanks for the info, I'll get onto them today. I was thinking the same thing about the CCA, surely if they had a copy and they think its totally enforceable they wouldn't have any problem in sending it to me. I'm sick of all the hassle and at the end of the day I was quite happily paying them £5 per month until they took the file back from BCW and didn't have the decency to contact me and let me know for over a year!! Anyway, thanks again, I'll post up the reply I get back from the ICO. Regards Blue x
  8. Hi, Has anyone got any advice as to what I should do next re Natwest reply to SAR in above post?
  9. Hi NatWest have returned my postal order and have given the following reply to my Subject Access Request - Dear blueknight We acknowledge receipt of your recent letter requesting your personal data held by the bank and payment of £10.00 fee. The signature you provided does not match our records. Please send evidence of signature to allow us release requested information and please also visit your local branch and ask a member of staff to update your signature. In order that we can deal with your request we require consent from the joint signatory on the account.
  10. 42man, Thanks for the reply. As far as I am aware, Westcot are collecting on behalf of Natwest. Will send both letters of first thing tomorrow. Thanks again. Blue
  11. Hi, Can anyone advise whether it's worth sending a SAR to Natwest and an account in dispute letter to Westcot?
  12. Hi pmhcfc, Thanks for the response. I never sent the account in dispute letter. Can this still be sent now that I've sent the two CPR letters? blue
  13. Hi everyone, After sending two letters under CPR, I never received anything back from Westcot until today. They have now sent me a lovely red Final Notice telling me that unless I make payment in the next 14 days a summons may be lodged with the County Court. I've been reading through PT's very long thread but as I can't remember the exact dates or how much the exact loan was for am having a bit of trouble knowing what to write on the witness statement or really knowing what I should be doing next. Can anyone advise what I should do? Should I ignore their letter and wait to
  14. Ida, Many thanks for the letter. I had asked Westcot for a true copy under the Civil Procedure Rules as all they sent me after my first request was a typed copy. I gave them 21 days to reply, which has since past. Is your letter the one I need to send in these circumstances or is there another one that can be used as the second request I sent them wasn't under the s77/78 of the 1974 Act? Sorry for being a pain, but all this is quite confusing. Blue
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