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  1. All the domain parking/registration services are up to date, it was only the hosting renewal that I no longer needed that they were billing me for.
  2. Hi all, I'm having a similar issue with streamline. I've had an 'unlimited hosting account with them for a number of years that I haven't really used for nearly three years now, as I moved all my sites to a VPS with Memset (who I can't praise enough!). The last time it 'auto-renewed' for 2 years I just accepted it and thought I would find a use for it eventually. However this time, as the credit card details had lapsed, I just left it assuming they would close the hosting package when they were unable to take payment... Noooo, a day or so after the renewal they sent me an email sayin
  3. Right, it's been a month or two without doing much, but i'm starting to prepare my case for the FOS just now and i have a few questions and queries. Firstly, when i sent my initial claim it was for the PPI charges plus simple interest at 8%, after reading a bit on here and taking advice from others i think i should be claiming for PPI Charges + Contractual Interest + Statutory Interest @ 8%? I have attached a spreadsheet i found on here that calculates the the above figure does it look correct? Is it okay to alter my claim to this amount now i'm approaching the FOS? And if so sh
  4. Yeah, did a bit of Google research and a thread from here came up lol Second post down seems to suggest that it was 'Pre Ticked' box in 2001 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?242438-Cant-believe-Egg
  5. Yes, it's their final decision and they state they will not enter into any further correspondence with me about it. I have a suspicion it was a 'Pre-Ticked' box too but can't be sure, it would be handy if anyone can tell me when exactly Egg were using that particular weasely tactic.
  6. Well after months of waiting i've finally recieved a relpy from Egg nd they are refusing to uphold my complaint. The key points of their rebuttal are: I have to take issue with the 'Required you to positively confirm' bit as i would never have agreed to insurance if i had known it was optional at the time, in fact after applying i remember being under the impression it was mandatory. I took the card out in Aug/Sept 2001, does anyone know if Egg were up to their 'pre-ticked' box nonsense at that time? I'd like to get my facts straight so i can decide whether or not to take it
  7. Hi all, just posting for a little advice, and to see if anyone else has been in a similar situation to me. Way back in 2009 I submitted a SAR to Egg to obtain a copy of the credit agreement for my Egg Credit Card and all the statements since the opening of the account. At the time i was interested in seeing whether or not my agreement contained the contentious 'Approved Limit' term. Since then and due to the favourable Court ruling on reclaiming PPI charges i've decided to initiate a claim against Egg to reclaim the 'Credit Card Repayment Protector' charges that were applied to my ac
  8. I've just resubmitted the SAR but sent it Special Delivery this time
  9. Anybody else get an email today informing of an interest rate increase? They Just increased mine by 7%
  10. Mr Fox

    The First Steps

    In my experience, no. Egg will do everything within their power to get your money out of you. If they do not have signed agreement (as appears in my case), the only way to get them to acknowledge this and to stop them enforcing the debt seems to be through the courts. If you have one of the agreements that uses the the dubious 'Approved Limit' term and not the prescribed 'Credit limit' term then you may be able to get the agreement declared unenforceable, but again this will have to be acheived through the courts. Others on here may have other opinions but i have found Egg
  11. I'm starting to think that Egg's initial response (see first post) is indeed a true copy of the credit agreement containing prescribed terms but ommiting sig and adresses etc as they state, and hence satisfying my Section 78(1) request. That is why the FOS has not upheld my complaint. If anyone has a different opinion as to what constitutes a 'true copy' satisfying Section 78(1) i'd be greatful for your input I suppose the fact that if it does satisfy a Section 78(1) request but it is evidently not a SIGNED true copy could be evidence that Egg don't have an agreement with my signatur
  12. Shower of toothless bar-stewards http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt85/Randy_Bean/FO1.jpg http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt85/Randy_Bean/FO2.jpg http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt85/Randy_Bean/FO3.jpg
  13. Well, two weeks now and no response to that letter, not even a 'we're dealing with your complaint' letter.
  14. I've had a read of the regs and that response just to make sure i understand what i'll be getting at, basically arguing that T&C only constitute an agreement in limited circumstances (reg 9) and in all others the T&Cs must be included in an agreement and not comprise one. Minimal editing (cheers Viscount Stair! )but i'm thinking of firing the following off: ------------------------- Dear Sir/Madam I see from my recent bank statement that Egg Banking Plc debited the sum of £*** from my account on the **/**/** having ignored my letter to you dated **/**/** placing my
  15. Magic stuff Viscount, many thanks
  16. Yes Viscount, that's correct i am in Scotland, and i'm aware that the CPR do not apply up here, proceedings are governed by the Act of Sederunt i think? A copy of that letter would be grand, although they're still ignoring me (no response to my 3rd letter or my 'Account in Dispute' letter) The last i heard from them was this: http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/t...ndy_Bean/9.jpg http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/t...dy_Bean/10.jpg Which was in response to my second letter which pointed out that their initial response did not include an agreement just T&Cs.
  17. Yeah, i think so, given that they took a payment from me this morning, without even acknowledging my last two letters. I submitted a subject access request at the same time as my 'Account in Dispute' letter so we'll see what that turns up.
  18. I have done lol! These are the letters they are ignoring. :-? My 3rd letter to them which stated that they had not included an agreement just T&Cs (i included a copy of their initial response with just the T&Cs for their perusal). And my 'account in dispute' letter which states explicitly that 'T&Cs do not constitute an agreement whatsoever' and that i 'had confirmation from a trading standards officer to that effect'. Unless someone forgot to put it in the envelope and they genuinely think they sent me an agreement and I'm trying it on.
  19. I think they're ignoring me now, had no response to my letter which included their initial response (just T & Cs), and no response to my 'Account in Dispute' letter which they recieved on friday, not even a 'We're Dealing With Your Complaint' letter. If i cancel the DD and they try to default me can i approach a Lawyer to obtain a court interdict to prevent them from doing so? Just a thought...
  20. Basa, Credit card taken out 1999/2000, i think. No, i don't have my own copy of the agreement, been hunting high and low for it, but i do remember that it used the 'Approved Limit' term, that's why i gave them a poke for it. I was expecting to have to argue the toss with them over that and was a little surprised when only T&Cs turned up in the post. I've not put the account into dispute yet, as i wanted to make sure that they didn't just forget to include a copy of the agreement with the initial response before doing that, but it's the next step. I did send them another letter p
  21. Yeah, wouldn't surprise me either. I'm going to send them a final reminder and enclose a copy of their original response, which clearly does not contain an agreement, and give them the remainder of the 14 days. Then yes, it's a Subject Access Request. Which was my original intention anyway, i want a clear understanding of exactly what i have spent, what i have paid back and what i have been charged in interest and charges. Without a credit agreement am i right in saying they have no basis on which to charge me interest?
  22. Well i recieved a response to the second letter this morning... http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt85/Randy_Bean/9.jpg http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt85/Randy_Bean/10.jpg It's all just lies and they have closed my complaint... They haven't sent any agreement despite their assertions ?!?!?
  23. Well, i wrote to them pointing out that they had only sent me T&Cs after 12+2 days, not a signed agreement and that they were in direct breach of CCA 74 Section 78(1). I asked them to send me a signed agreement within 14 days. This morning i recieved a standard ' We've recieved your complaint' letter, but still no agreement... They're saying they will resolve it within 8 weeks but i think i will be putting the account into dispute if they haven't come up with anything after 14 days. 8 Weeks may be 'inline with regulations set out by the Financial Services Authority' but they have
  24. No, still paying via dd, although i've reduced it to the minimum payment this month.
  25. I've been having a read but i can't seem to find any examples. What was the outcome when only T&Cs were sent, was it just an error and did they send and agreement after a second request, or were they unable to supply one?
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