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  1. Hi, Just a quick note about what happened with me and getting work done. They sent a letter out to all of us saying they wanted to come in inspect the house to see what work needed doing and wanted to paint the outside. My father in law was very ill at the time so we said we were unavailable then, but can rearrange. We didnt hear anything. My father in law sadly passed away and on the day of his funeral workmen were painting the houses accross the road. They told us they would have to look at our house. We arranged then and there for someone to come round the next day. We didnt hear
  2. Hi, I am being taken to court for non-payment of council tax, but I am paying it. This might need a bit of explaining so please forgive me. To cut a long story short we moved in our current address in April 2005, we recieved our FIRST council tax bill in 2009!!!! Just happened to coincide with the first time I was recieving benefits. Anyway Since 2008 I have been in and out of work and claiming benefits those times when I have been out of work. Most of last year I was getting benefits inc council tax benefit. I got myself a temp job in a shop up till xmas. I recieved my benefit
  3. I was affraid it would stop for a bit. It took over a month to sort them out originally. pants pants pants pants. I really cant afford to have them stop for a bit. Am I better not to go for the job I really want then? grrrrr Oh well will see what happens I suppose.
  4. Hi, We are entitled to IS as my eldest gets DLA and my husband is his full time carer and gets CA. We've had it before. Having said that I might just stay on JSA if I think its better for me (not necessarily financial - we got about the same IS as Im getting JSA) I just want to know if my benefits will stop for a bit while they work it out as I cant afford for that. Im already behind in my rent and now that has finally been sorted Im worried about becoming behind again while everything gets figured out. My Landlord can only be reasonable for so long. Also what happens if I do extra h
  5. Hi, Im not really sure what to do here. Im currently on JSA and have been for 2 months. However, the temp job I had over xmas has offered me a permanent position. The problem is its only for 9 hours on a saturday. It somewhere I really want to work and they obviously want me as there were over 130 temps they let go at the end of Dec. Also Im thinking once my foot is in the door if any other contracts come up for more hours, I will have first chance to apply before it is advertised externally. I just dont know what happens with JSA. Obviously the money I get will go down, but ho
  6. Thanks for your replies. Yes I have checked and double checked and checked again and again. I have been paying £80 a week to the right account with the right reference number. I really cant see any reason why its not gone through. In regards to the rent free weeks, according to one of the letters I got (I got one to say I was behind so I should pay it and one to say Ive not been paying my rent and I have till 17th Jan to sort something out) it said that by paying my rent over the rent free weeks my arrears will drop, so they dont charge me rent, but if I wasnt to pay anything it woul
  7. Hi Ive used this site before and found the advice on here absolutely fantastic. So here goes again. I live in a council house and have been in arrears. We arranged to pay £10 a week while we were claiming housing benefit. I then got a job (I had been looking before, just couldnt find anything) and was not entitled to it any more. So we kept on paying the £10 a week, but also paid £80 as well. Our rent is £73 a week so this was more than enough to pay the rent and some arrears. Anyway, we got a letter the other day saying we hadnt been paying and needed to get in touch by 17th J
  8. Thanks for your fantastic responses for my last question. Im going to have to pay the bailiff company as I really dont have a clue what to do. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have sent a letter to the council recorded delivery saying why I havent paid and a few other things. Today I got a reply back from the council. They have said that (as I expected) my claim for housing benefit was cancelled as they wrote to me, but didnt get a responce (I didnt recieve the letter from them as I moved and this letter wasnt passed onto me). They also confirmed the amount, which is the same as the bailiff said. They also (as I expected) said I would need to pay the bailiff company directly. However, I now have a full reference number for my rent so do I pay the co
  10. What you said it def true Vicki202 although he could be a bailiff, but he has definately come on here to try to make himself feel big and clever. Is it working or are we all just laughing at him cos we really dont care what he has to say about the actual matter of this thread. Sounds to me like his head is about to explode with how great he thinks he is.
  11. Thanks for your reply. That has made me feel a little easier about it. Im just worried they will force me into doing something I dont want to do.
  12. I am reading this thread with interest. However I really think that whatever is posted by High Court Enforcer should be ignored. They are obviously trying to get a reaction and its working. Ive not posted on here much at all, but are they really what they say they are or just some loser who is being a troll just to get a reaction? Either way, its obvious they are just trying to get a reaction whether they are a bailiff or not in real life. Just ignore them. BTW, I agree that something should be done to these jumped up twats. They are all powerhungry and it goes to their head. Its not fair
  13. So he is telling the truth then when he said "we have not added any addditional charges oweing to the debt"? All I have got is his word for that (as it was 5 years ago I have nothing). Can I threaten him with OFT and trading standards then? I know you probably have more experience and know more than me, but I just dont want to go ahead and have a go at him only to find out Im in the wrong all along. Sorry its ok for someone to say not to pay them, but its me who's having to actually deal with it. I want to follow the advice Ive been given (after all I wouldnt have posted on here), I just need
  14. On their website and on their letters it said they are bailiffs so I would assume they were. I think they are a bit of both. I just dont want to wait and get someone knocking on my door, which I wouldnt answer anyway so they would levy my car (Im not parking it away from my house for an unconfirmed period of time just in case) as this has happened before (a previous outstanding council tax bill) TBH Im just trying to play it safe and not incure more charges. Once they start visiting, thats it I would be paying a fortune for what is at the moment a relatively low charge. I dont h
  15. Hi, Well Ive had a reply (earlier today, but Ive been out). The guy who replied seemed freindly enough, although I could tell he maybe was a bit annoyed with my first e-mail (Well I did say I had heard bad things about Bailiffs). He also said that he wanted me to reply by phone (which I am so not comfortable in doing whatsoever) so "maybe we could change your perception on what a bailiff is like". He has said that they were looking for the debt to be cleared over a 4 month period with payments being weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This works out to be about £10 a week. Is this reason
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