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  1. I have left my out of date tax disc on but TBH have not parked anywhere where it might have been a problem,
  2. I would appeal ANY decision you are unhappy with. Lest make it difficult for them
  3. I have recently had a home visit from Capita (having been through ATOS and failed a few years ago:x) and was asked to touch my toes from a seated position and asked if i could stand up. I said NO and pointed out that their letter states "you will not be asked to do anything which will cause you pain or discomfort" 'Nice' lady accepted it as the answer she was looking for. I know that until the DM has made the decision it means nothing but still hopeful.
  4. In my opinion if you do not watch or record LIVE TV then you do not need a licence. I have a TV plus an ipad but DO NOT watch or record live TV and defy them, even invite them, to take me to court. Frankly I am disappointed as I have not received my May or June visit which I am sure I enjoy far more than they do. GKTP Innocent until PROVEN guilty
  5. Then it is important that your friend is informed of the situation. Despite it being your tenancy agreement etc he is the named defendant. I believe that this could be useful as, if he was temporarily visiting how would he be aware that you had no TV licence. Who knows perhaps he was bored and trying the TV out unaware that it has no aerial? If I were to visit and put the TV on while you were out a) How would I know whether or not you have a licence b) Maybe his own licence from his own house covers him? (I don't know about this but surely he can't watch live TV in two permises at the same time) and c why should you be penalised for my guilt. I note earlier in the thread that you are entitled to all the TVLA evidence so can they identify who they saw, who gave them permission to enter - assuming they did, and if not what evidence do they have? GK As it is in his name I feel sure that he must defend himself
  6. In my opinion it depends on to whom it is addressed. I regularly receive TVLA letters addressed to the legal occupier but choose to ignore them. The essentials are who it is addressed to and who it is from. If it addressed to a named individual it is there problem. I do not believe that they can just summons a random person in the house. Surely if it is from the magistrates court it must name someone. Note I have no legal training and my comments are worth only what you have paid for them. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly
  7. Surely if it is not addressed to you then you have not been summonsed.
  8. I so wish they would take me to court as I have no license and do not watch or record live TV. Despite this I have numerous letters and 3 visits! I am sick of being harassed.
  9. Hi I am sorry but I am sure that Bazookaboo is somewhat in error. I worked in the past for a similar organization to P2C and regularly obtained warrants of entry and went on to disconnect supplies or 'force fit' prepayment meters. While I am on we did not 'kick down or damage doors' to gain entry and rarely changed locks. I can see that some people have trouble paying their accounts however if they offer a payment which is lower than their consumption it is unlikely to be accepted. On the more positive note attending court on the date of application for the warrant more often than not results in a deferral and negotiation.
  10. I apologise if I have made you nervous. That was certainly no t my intention. I was a mortgage counsellor for a number of high street banks and building societies and I was trying to say that you have very little to worry about. I wanted though to ensure that I did not say for definite that everything was OK as, in the world of finance, anything can happen. Should a clerk have had too good a weekend or a bad weekend they are not guaranteed to act rationally. Hopefully a judge would - I thinks there is an absolutely minimal chance of it going to court BUT should you get grief from them, or have further future difficulties please remember that the option of going to court is yours too. I am currently being pursued by some debt collection company who are trying to bully me into paying more than I am willing to and my sole response is. Please do not call me or write to me unless it is on a form N1 - let a District Judge decide! Needless to say they are bluffing and refuse the challenge. Once again, apologies, if I was not/ am not clear. GKTP
  11. I reiterate my comment above. Whatever happens it is the court that decides. I am sure that you have little to worry about GKTP
  12. No it is not getting Barclays to a agree. It is getting the court to agree Barclays are NOT the decision maker here. GKTP Ex mortgage counsellor
  13. As an ex- bailiff I would suggest that, if you can identify him, you make a complaint to the court who issued his certificate. I am sure that you might like a bailiff if it was your money he was successful in collecting. GKTP
  14. In my opinion there is probably more than hope. It is essential that you go to the court and get in front of a judge. I have been on a couple of occasions where the person losing their house had been far more remiss than you. Tell the judge your story and show evidence that you were ill and can now afford to pay and they will, more often than not, delay the execution of the warrant for 56 days in rder for you to prove that payments will be made. Obviously this cannot be guaranteed - depends on the judges mood but they really do not like people losing their homes. I hope that this helps GKTP
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