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  1. You wouldn't be covered if they were residential lines but as they're business lines then you'll be fine.
  2. I'm really shocked by this post. I regularly donate to charities but they are charities that I have chosen to support based on a variety of different things and think it's appalling that Orange are forcing their customers into this position. I hope you receive the outcome you want.
  3. Your first post mentions compensation for damage to your business - is it a business or residential line as you won't be able to claim if it's residential.
  4. I have a general question and was hoping someone would be able to answer - just out of curiosity really. Reading these forums and other similar sites, I can see a lot of people are claiming back overdraft charges, failed direct debit charges, late payment fees, non direct debit charges etc and was wondering why? Is it for the reason that most companies/banks overcharge grossly for these charges and penalties they impose or is there a legal reason behind it? I'm curious as I *knock wood* have never made a payment late or had a direct debit fail however I would have thought, as
  5. They're so annoying at times! They continously rang me despite me not answering any of their calls as they were from an unknown number. I eventually answered one of them and explained I didn't have a computer and they soon stopped ringing me!
  6. Update My partner has spoken to the estate agency today who have advised all work has been completed and we have arranged a viewing for Friday with a possible moving in date on 26th Feb dependent on how the viewing goes. After this time, I would like to raise a complaint regarding the poor service and treatment we received - is there a template for this that someone could direct me to? Many thanks and thanks again for all helpful advice we've received.
  7. Beg your pardon - I mis-read it that the OP was discussing this with other people at work, not his HR rep. I'll edit my comment so not to mislead...!
  8. As per the website offer - it would be BBI M at £10 for 6 months and £18 thereafter. If you have registered for E-Billing then it would reduce this amount by a further £1 totalling £17 per month for the remaining 6 months of the contract.
  9. The probable reason why they have advised that to downgrade would only save you £1.50 per month would be because they may have put you on a bundled offer incorporating the BBI XL. Now you have asked to downgrade, you would not be eligible for this and therefore would lose the discount. Can I ask how much you were paying before so I can offer further advice? In terms of the slow speed issues, you should be credited for your loss of service as long as this has been reported on the account - if you have had technicians out then you will be covered in this respect. If you have
  10. (a) by giving us one calender month's notice in writing or by email which will take effect after the end of your minimum period; In clause 11.1, it states you must pay the charges throughout the notice period, this would include EDF (early disconnection fees) if you were cancelling before the end of your minimum period as stated in the above clause. Your best bet, is to speak to the Customer Service or Relations team and ask what they can do to support you. They may be able to reduce the tariff to something more affordable.
  11. A straightforward number change i.e. you call and say you want a different number is easily processed and they'd get you a brand new number from the system. A number port is a little more tricky as it's a number that you've had with another mobile company and you wish to keep and to transfer this over, they call it a number port. So if all you want is a new number then it will be straightforward.
  12. Thanks everybody for all of your helpful advice. I've spoken to the estate agency today who explained they've received an email from the landlady stating the work will be completed by the end of the week. They are then going to view it on Monday to check it's up to scratch and then we'll be able to move in. I explained to them that we won't be able to move in until after 26th as that's when we next get paid as we've had to pay out for another month's rent and he said "that's 15 days away" I said yes it is...and he said "I'm sure that won't be a problem" This has then left me
  13. As per the above post, it is only Customer Relations that can take a notice to cancel (30 days). If your account has an outstanding balance and a restriction on the services, the Customer Relations agent would not be able to put a disconnection notice through on your account until a payment has been made. The process at this point would be to ask the customer to make a payment to clear the outstanding amount and transfer you to the Collections department. If you couldn't make a payment then Collections would see if they can put you on a payment plan to bring your account up to date.
  14. The £3.50 discount that VM offer for the non-DD charge is a last resort where people are considering leaving for this reason and it is only for a 12 month period. After this 12 month period, if a customer still disputes the charge and is unhappy to pay then we would terminate their services (giving 30 days notice) as it is a charge that we explain upfront and in the Ts&Cs. As for the late payment fees, these are put into place when a customer does not pay their bill on time as detailed on their invoice. If a customer has not received or been credited back for one in the last 6 month
  15. I HATE carphone warehouse with a passion. When I had turned 18, I took out an 18 month mobile phone contract with them (please note, this was my very first financial responsibility) and read the Ts&Cs very carefully and agreed to a bundle price of £25 per month with a credit limit of £50 - to restrict the services if I went up to this amount. I consistently received bills each month amounting to £80-90. As the bill was fully itemised, I paid the charges each month by direct debit and presumed everything okay. I then received a bill for £180. I went into the shop to quer
  16. I agree with the above posts and unfortunately, T-Mobile will argue that you should have managed your own account better. From the sounds of it (please correct me if I'm wrong) but the fact that your service has been suspended and you have debt collectors involved makes it seem that you have defaulted on your payments for more than 1 month. If you had received your first bill after the switch and noticed the difference then you could have queried this at the time and they may have been able to offer you some more support.
  17. You can change your number on an existing contract. I believe with T-Mobile it's free of charge the first time you request to change and £25 each time after. However, some companies will only offer you a number change free of charge if you are receiving malicious calls and have reported it to the police so just be aware of this.
  18. The seller has been awful - no reply until we filed a claim with Paypal! The receipt email I received from Paypal and also my account states Flat 12 so they should be able to see this and hopefully get my money back. I don't even want a replacement now as I'm sick of dealing with it
  19. It was taken from my Visa debit card however I'm unsure as to whether online protection is only for credit cards or if it'll cover my debit card aswell. Can anyone answer this for me?
  20. Thanks very much for all of your help. At the moment, the paypal claim states they are currently looking into it and I don't need to do anything further. It seems that it's been 'locked' while they're doing this as I'm unable to update the claim at this time.
  21. T-Mobile keep changing me to online paper billing without permission. Each time I ring them and ask them to change it back to receiving paper bills as my internet connection at the moment is only through work. They change it back for a while and then when I don't receive a bill the next month - I know they've gone and switched me over to E-Billing...AGAIN!
  22. The tracking information it gives is 30th Jan 14:03 Signed by **** Flat 10 And we're Flat 12!
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