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  1. Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice on what to do about a relative who is dying of cancer. She's been battling it for the past 6 years and unbeknown to her, she didn't have to pay council tax for that period, despite social services supposedly going through all of her entitlement. Now that we've found out she doesn't need to pay it, the council are saying they're only willing to refund the last 3 months council tax that she's paid. It has been appealed and rejected and we're currently trying to get to them via the local MP but we don't seem to be getting anywhere. Does anyone know what acti
  2. Sorry, i forgot to update! Everything was finally sorted out once threats were issued to them with regards to the OFT and trading standards. All the debts were cleared. You're definitely not responsible for your father's debt. All the above advice was completely correct and they didn't have a leg to stand on. Thanks to everyone! What exactly are EGG saying? That you're responsible for the debt now? Or that they want money out of the estate?
  3. Hi all, I've been wondering why my credit score seems to have plummetted recently so i checked my credit file and it seems that T-Mobile have put a default on it for £20 that they say i owe them. As it shows all the previous payments as green (on time and right amount) i was a bit unsure why the final payment of about 25 payments was down as a default. I've phoned them and they said there's nothing they can do about it but i've definitely not heard a single thing from them in regards to any payments i owe them. £20 seems a little steep to default someone on, does anyone know what i can do
  4. Well after an hour on the phone, i've still not got any further. But the problem is i phoned vodafone instead of them when they didn't receive delivery confirmation from royal mail because of some strike (?). If you're not connected with them within the 48 hours DON'T CALL VODAFONE!! Call contact their Web Customer Services Team on 0870 905 0416. What a ballache this has turned into. Looks like i have to return the handset, talk vodafone into cancelling the contract, reget my PAC code and sign up to a new deal. I don't think i've got much hope of cancelling.
  5. Hi all, I'm not entirely sure what i've done wrong here, but i'm not 100% sure what i can do... I'll try and explain as best i can what's gone on. 8th aug - signed up to a new contract with phones4u online with vodafone and a samsung jet mobile. 9th aug - phone, contract and sim arrive but the sim card doesn't seem to be active. I read the bumf and it says it could take 48 hours to activate. 14th aug - still not active. I read the phones 4 u bumf again and it says (and i quote) Network Related Issues For network faults including, but not limited to - general tariff
  6. That's Brilliant. Thanks a lot for that. I'll let you know how they go on.
  7. Hi, It's HFC. And thanks for the reply. Do you know the law i can quote at them to make them go away?
  8. sorry to resurrect this thread but i need some more advice if possible. All the debts have been sorted apart from one loan that doesn't have ppi on it. They're now kicking off sending threatening letters to the widow demanding payment on the estate that simply isn't there. I've no idea where to take this, can anyone help? There's no money in the estate at all, what can they demand from her??
  9. That's brilliant, thank you so much. I've let her know and it's put her mind at rest. Thanks again.
  10. Ahh, i see. So as executor of his estate, she's liable for the overdraft despite it being completely in his name? Will they have to claim for that or is it up to her to instigate it? Another thing that's come to light is that he wasn't the best at paying on time with the credit cards, What i would love is that she gets as much money to secure her future as i can offer her, would she still be able to claim back any credit card charges from them even though the debt has been paid by the ppi? I really do appreciate this help.Thank you!
  11. That's brilliant. Thank you both so much. You've made a very sad lady a little less sad and worried. Sorry for adding something but i'm finding things out as soon as i find them. He also had a sole bank account with barclays which his salary is paid into. IT's £500 overdrawn at the moment. What would happen with that?
  12. Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice and i'd really really appreciate some help on it. My best mate's dad died this week leaving 4-5k of credit card debt that his mother didn't know about. He had PPI on it but it's a bit of a grey area as to where he stands on claiming on it. Does anyone have any ideas about the legal implications of where the mother stands with absorbing the debts? Is she liable for them? There's a lot of worry happening with it which i'd like to give her a definite answer. I really appreciate any help. thanks, jon.
  13. Update and more help please : I'v( got my credit report as i thought it might be something to do with that and there's a default on the account from TMOBILE. As i remember it, there was a £20 fee i was contesting back in 2007 and as i never heard from them, i assumed they had realised their error and backed off. Turns out they were adding 6 monthly missed payments to my account (despite me not being contracted to them any more, then a default notice. I haven't received a single letter stating that this would happen. I take it a default notice is a bad thing that could cause this? Does an
  14. Hi, thanks for the reply.I've just been in a branch today and they confirmed the overdraft was cancelled but there were no notes attached and the only letter that was sent from them was on the 4th march demanding the 700 quid back. They gave me some number to call that they said 'would help me and not leave me penniless' but when i called it (in the branch) it was mumbai again and the collections department. This time though, she said that it was because i was using the overdraft as the reason for removing it without notice and just demanded payment over and over so i just walked out still non
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