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  1. Yep I applied to have account with them after successfully doing an order that had to be paid for in advance online, you know you either choose set up account or pay with credit card sort of thing. First time paid directly and goods ok then a while later applied for account to get some future xmas pressies and ordered some reduced itmes, not too much just under 60.00. Any how heared nothing for a while and emailed them to ask how was order and had I been accepted, to get reply same day telling me account declined and sorry. Fair enough I thought but a few days later the goods arrived and
  2. I have a moan about them on the online store site. I had to change my number twice after they kept ringing and when gave them new number more fool me their dead line sketch resembling a their humour of lets pee the customer off into ringing us again with charges letters:-x Any how they declined original application form:-x 3/10 sent goods in error told me system error then treat me like poop trying to sort it out as some goods faulty. Any how I have ammassed the highest phone charges in the last couple of months and have tapes for my record of the way they treat me. Would this
  3. Hi I needed to remind them today that after waiting weeks for a label to return some faulty goods that I still hadnt had it or any reply to cca request. I also had to tell them that I had an email dated 3/10 telling me my online application had been declined and that I didnt in fact have an account with them, as they told me at the time the goods were sent in error and confirmed today with customer services it must have been a system error. It wouldnt have been a problem had the goods arrived in tact and in any case they have recently deducted one of the dinner sets as previously said and o
  4. Thanks shalaz, It got really nasty with them. I said I am happy to pay for goods once you give accurate bill and replace faulty items as promised, but not happy to pay for charges under cca, as I have never been sent explanation of what they are for. I was told late payments but without going on they never dealt with faulty goods and I said I wont pay till you do, so send me the cca refering to charges, they said no we dont keep them, but threatened debt collectors. I have speant over 20.00 in calls so wont put up with them too much longer if they dont send labels for return as requested.
  5. l am having trouble with tick the box, my application was turned down. They by mistake sent the goods and have been absolutely unhelpful since then over ongoing issues. Thing is they refused to send me cca and I dont think I have one. I have email responding to application telling me my account was declined.
  6. How the bleep:(are these getting our numbers, I know a few on the same street who had bad line calls from abroad it appeared, so I dont feel so paranoid now. They start off with they are legitamate and regulated by the law, sound familiar? Dont give them any card details. I get them ringing me every single day and they keep trying the same stuff, concerning thing was they knew my surname on a new line, so somethings up. Only people given new number was when I did competition on ITV, could this be a possible link? Hope Im wrong.
  7. Yer, right:eek: Abuse to them is someone replying no I cannot make a payment politely and that is compared to 20 odd calls a day going dead or we will report you to social services as you are not able to provide for your kids as you are obviously a bad parent:cool:With now can we have you payment card thrown in..... No sympathy for them as they give none to us.
  8. They are taped saying a few weeks ago they received correspondence from me and sorry it wasnt acted on they had liason issues between depts, his words and he confirmed email adress and past it on to superiorwho turned out to be customer services again . Told by new rep that they wouldnt have said it. So its getting silly
  9. Well Ive got quite a few, its been a bit of a prolonged argument over the last few days. The main issue was as above they told me a new customer what to do with my complaint inaccurate bill and smashed crockery arrival. Kept saying they were dealing with it and would get back, heared nowt. I have emails stating they heared nothing from me until end jan which is not true as I had to change my number due to collections dept harassing me and then saying it was an issue for customer services and round and round we went. So I asked for copy of agreement prior to xmas and emailed my
  10. Yes I have it in email form. I wont pay the 12.00 charge but am going to pay the 12.oo for the dinner service this week. Just they say they are now going to add further charges if I dont pay 24.00. To be honest I am glad I emailed them in the end, I have it all down. I was more worried they would take me to court as they say they will pass it back to collections. Told them they have put account in dispute for not sending it and they dont give a damm. Explains why they never replied to my letters asking the same prior to xmas. I do feel if this goes on, that I would file countercla
  11. I have a thread on the general consumer issue thread if that makes sence and my emails with Grattan to cut a long story short have them telling me that they dont need to provide one. If anyone has a chance could they read thread and give legal advice on this, appreciated.
  12. They say they do not have to provide a copy of the agreement and dont wish to answer my emails. I did point out I had had a email telling me I was not accepted as an account customer but they in there words in error sent the goods, they then made me a customer again over the phone and apoligised. So surely I have a right to an agreement especially as they did it over the phone and mentioned nothing of a credit agreement, you see the way I look at it they are not listening have told me only collections will talk to me for collecting money now. Have admitted a mistake occurred yet still wa
  13. Well they now have emailed and told me the 12.00 extra is the original charge on the account and they are insisting it will stay there. How can they not recodnise to make an apology and state they are sorry for the customer services I received that means stop messing the customer about. So they recodnise things went wrong and I tried to phone and write etc and then emailed, but hey we're still slapping on a 12.oo charge. Of course the fact they didnt respond to my request for my agreement under cca 1974 yet their own staff a while ago when I brought the matter up confirmed that they
  14. Now you know where my username comes from around and around we go, but I guess you gathered that:D
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