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  1. my guess would be they were phoning to beg you to pay something if they had replied to your CCA request it would be in writing. they probably called to try and bluff there way out of fulfilling cca request maybe say something like we have sent you it ,should be wth you any day but to stop legal action you need to pay today in hope you pay and restart SB clock. would probably wok on those ho have no idea they have rights
  2. if you want to stop the calls just send them a letter saying you will only deal with them in writing, if they do phone dont answer verificatiion questions, say in writing please and simply hang up. its not a good idea to speak to them on the phone anyway and best to have it all in wiritng (keep all letters they send you). if they still call after you have asked them not to record date/time and make a complaint as its harrassment. it is a priority debt tho so do arrange to make payments at an affordable sustainable rate.
  3. just wanted to say about th bankruptcy option you may find your car is take as an asset in bankruptcy preceedings anyway, since your paying such a high amount on log book loan to avoid your car being taken thought this may be someting for you to be aware of. you really do need to find out exactly who you owe what to (all of it)how long ago you last paid to each particularly creditor, whatt type of debt e.g loan credit card etc. you need to contact the credit reference agencies you can do this online and see immediately what they have on your CRA file (equifax call credit and experian all do f
  4. have never been bankrupt, no idea! why do you want to declare yourself bankrupt tho? declaringyourself bankrupt wont help with the council tax bill, the log book loan get advice from the log book forum and see if they cant help with wiping it or at least reducing what you py back. Declaring yourself bankrupt is a very serious step. So far yo have only told us about these and rent arrears whats the rest, you say you owe about 30k. If you go banrupt you will find it difficult to get even a bank account. stop focussing on going banupt for now there may well be an
  5. Rent contact landlord in writing aking to arrangement a realistic and affordable repayment plan for rent. You rally do need to make sure your claiming all you can benefit wise. does your partner work? aand how old is your child? ae there any consumer debts you have probems with e.g credit/store cards/catalogue/loans other than log book loan
  6. The lg book loan and council tax are specific types of debt, for these its best to go to specific forums for advice like dx says. Is there any other debts you get contact about?
  7. Make a token payment of say a fiver to log book loan, save the other 45 towards council tax debt. You clearly wont have the full sum by end jan so you need to call council and agree to repay in installments, explain your circumstances fully you have already made the first payment to thjs frkm what ican tell so they should see yiur tryig to pay it. I also strongly recommend contactibg cab and speaking to them about your benefits to work out what you can claim as there is no way you can be expected to support a family on 200 per month
  8. The other thing to think about is this, why are you agreeing to pay £200 per month on log book loan when it was orinially for 100 per month, you have been having trouble paying £100 per month or it wouldnt be with dca in first place so its just ludicrous your now paying double. Like dx says go on log book forum to get specific advice about that one. Now the council tax fine have you got all the paperwork relating to this? You may need specific advice about this as it isnt consumer debt but there must be something to do to get this on repyment plan. Speak to tax credi
  9. If your not already getting child benefit claim that too and apply for housing and council tax benefit anyway you may not get full amount but if you get something it relieves pressure a bit
  10. Have yu checkec your entitlement to tax credits? If you have children yiu will most likely get sonething
  11. So just under 400 to pay council tax at end of month, does that include fine? Can you afford to pay this much? It is a priority debt so you do want to pay this one but if you cantafford to pay that biga lump some then negotiate to pay in installments. Log book k loan how much is outstanding? And what was the original payments?
  12. P.s i notice you mention your currently on benefits, just wanted to make sure you have checked your entitlement for council tax/housing benefit. This will help keep your current council tax and rentfrom gettig arrears. You can work out repayments for already existing arrears once you know more.
  13. Ok who is currently threatening to take you to court? Concentrate at the moment only on those who are actively contacting you. E.g if there are debts you have heard nothing of recently just forget it just now. Now those dca who are currently threatening court in all likelyhood wont do so, so try not to worry. Everysingle one of us in this forum will have recieved an abundance of letters threatening court action, i regularly get a letter from a particular dca for an 02 account i had in 2001 in Scotland debts are SB after 5 yrsso this particular one is now thru 2 5yr periods its only about 50 q
  14. Is the court fne for council tax? What insurance wouldn't pay out on the car finance PPI or actual car insurance? Are the debts from when you were with your partner joint debts? And how many years ago? You need to be specific if you want help, whether that turns out be bankruptcy or another method youneed to know exactly how much you owe, to whom and for how long.
  15. Yor debt is not likely to be as big as you think, in all likelyhood this size of debt has taken yrs to acrue and there are likely to be lotz of charges and interest to be reclaimed
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