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  1. well i have now written a letter to logbook loans and received what i believe is their stock response. They advised that telephone call charges although not explicitly stated in the agreement itt is implied, they have also as a good will gesture offered to half the charges owing i am now looking for help regarding a letter that i didnt know it was implied and are the implying anything else i havnt realised
  2. Hi there we took out a loan for £1000 in june 2009 over an 18 month period we have paid it off in full in january 2011 and since been informed we owe them £400 in charges accrued from £12 phone and letter charges I have informed them that they had the wrong number to contact us and they advised we were able to leave a message so the charges stand, I feel this is very unfair as they phoned this number twice a week for months having never gotten through to anyone, why would they keep ringing it. I have advised them i am not willing to pay the charges and they have emailed me a copy of their co
  3. thanks for your advice i will certainly be putting in a complaint with the ombudsman. can i ask if they charge early repayment charges can i claim those as we never voluntarily sold our house?
  4. hi thanks but would that be possible given the eviction date is in 2 days time 26/06/2009
  5. hi all thanks for all your help unfortunately we got the most awful judge who never even glanced at our defence statement and basically said you have been in arrears in the past you will be in arrears in the future so i cant suspend the eviction. she would not give us any extra time or nothing so we have tomorrow to move out into a tiny 2 bedroomed town house with our 4 kids and have been informed that we have to give our dogs away that we have had for years. the judge would not give us leave to appeal.
  6. omg cant believe how nervous i am today. well i,ve got all my defence prepared and i am trying to stay as optimistic as possible.
  7. all done ellen thanks again for all your help fingers crossed for monday. i will let you know the outcome hopefully things will go our way.
  8. sorry you wrote your last post while i was typing will southern pacifics solicitor need a copy?
  9. hi ellen thanks alot that reads great how many copies will i need to tqake to the court with me thanks.
  10. that sounds good to me thank you i can print copies off now i have also made a copy of bankstatements to show payments made
  11. hi ellen i have a copy of the original mortgage offer stating payments are £482.91 a copy of glenisters solicitors witness statement saying £485.60 and a copy of particulars of claim for posession from last time we went to court where glenisters say it is £484.31 also a reply from capstone when i queried this saying your currently on a fixed rate mortgage however payments have been affected due to insurance being charged which is a set rate of £26.46 if you can work it out. sorry i took so long getting back to you just so much paperwork.
  12. hi ellen no i pay by bank transfer faster payment so they get there same day those figures are of the mortgage statement i paid sept oct nov dec and half of jan. in sep oct nov i also paid the £60 a month of the arrears.
  13. cant believe how much the weekend is dragging just want it to be monday to get it over with
  14. hi ellen just checking your still ok to help with my defence statement ready for monday and to say thanks i really appreciate all your help. My confirmed date of going back to work is 1st of april unfortunatly the manager is unable to put this in writing as is not back at work until monday morning, however i do have her contact details if anyone wanted to confirm this. if that is any help.
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