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  1. Hi,  I have been going through my parents PPI-type loans and came across one they took out with First National Bank as part of a home improvement loan sold by Zenith (presumably windows). This was subject you posted on previously. Just wondering what the outcome was as you described in your post being led a merry dance by Santander/GE/ Cardiff Pinnacle et al. see post below

    I have the original loan agreement with the 'premium payment protection' included. Just wondering if this is worth pursuing as a PPI claim and if so who to name as the firm to send the claim to? 

    did you make any progress as you looked as if you had done extensive work on this.  In the thread you mentioned tackling the underwriters of First National bank, Cardiff Pinnacle etc. However as far as I can see the loan was sold by the Zenith rep, (I have the signed credit agreement which states the PPI fee) but I also do have a letter from First National bank then confirming the unsecured loan. 

    As a novice I am just not sure who to name on a claim?

    My mother took out several loans like this over the years for home improvements (rom 1996 onwards) so just wanted to see how to tackle them.

    Would greatly appreciate any help as my father was inveterate taker of premium protections - could never control him on this....a generational thing I think

    1. honeybee13


      Hello and welcome to CAG.


      You've posted on an old topic, it's better to start your own in the PPI forum please for specific advice.


      People should be along later.


      Best, HB

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