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  1. I just want all the help I can get. They say they will remove the car this afternoon. I can't make it back in time. This is what they claim. 1. First notice 2. 2nd notice 3. Clamp 4. Will come back this afternoon to remove car. Are such charges legal? Also the council is terrible, especially since I told them to hold on for just a few more days.
  2. Was made redundant, but now working again. I am very happy to pay off the full CT amount come the 28th of August, i.e. pay day. I told the damn council. I thought bailiffs can only charge 24.5 and 18 for the first 2 visits??? Also, he never called me or anything. Just today. After clamping my car. In Post #2, sorry, wrong link, I am trying to register on this site: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?168-Bailiffs-and-High-Court-Enforcement-Officers/ucp.php?mode=register
  3. Also, I want to register on this site, but it asks, "What is the main subject of this forum?" Am panicking and can't even think of this answer? "Bailiff help" and other such answers don't work. Please help. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?168-Bailiffs-and-High-Court-Enforcement-Officers/ucp.php?mode=register
  4. Hi, I have read some stuff on here but would really appreciate your help. The bailiff clamped my car. I think this morning, since I' only went out this morning as I had gout and was bed-ridden for the past few days. I just got a call. The guy wants to come in the afternoon to remove my car, which he clamped this morning. I didn't get any notice, but he said he sent me one. I checked my mail again and saw it. Please advise.
  5. Because they are all tied! And I want to have them all in the same claim. Read #54 in it's entirety!
  6. So, it's OK for ppl to make random remarks and comments (i.e. defamation and malicios falsehood) as I am to be quiet not not defend myself? If I do, I am "playing the race card". LOL. You confirm the contents of those BBC articles/clips.
  7. All the best. Many thanks. LUCK = Labouring Under Correct Knowledge.
  8. Mr Shed, The gist is... there are 3 main aspects: 1. The property was handed over in a bad condition. This is despite the conditions of the TA and inventory (which I attached to the claim). 2. When I informed (many times) of these and additional issues (there were a lot!) that I came across, the LA responded with racist remarks (both spoken words and e-mail) - instead of gettings things done. Hence the race aspect has to do with the issue. You would have sussed this out had you read (properly) the initial post. This is what I stated from the start! 3. The landlord als
  9. "Experienced posters"? Have you been in such a situation? With regards to termination of the TA, it's amazing that different law firms interpret things differently. I relayed the case to the 1st firm. Response, cannot cancel TA, but can sue them. 1st firm relayed me to the 2nd firm. Accourding to them, I can cancel "due to the many breaches". Planner, your 'answer' corresponds with the first firm. BTW, are you a lawyer? LOL. BTW, I have every "right" to withold rent. It's 'merely' a contractual agreement. Similarly, the LA/LL have the "right" to commit criminal wrongdoing by not
  10. I have been saying from the onset, if you have no advice, then don't post anything!!! Anyway, none has been offered from the onset. Do stop with the nonsense remarks. Would you like it if I made remarks against "you and maybe others" in return?
  11. Hi Planner, Here you go again - LOL. I only just read all your "lovely" (recent) posts and decided to correct you on bits that were wrong. Inflammatory? Provoke? Negative response? Check your posts!!! It is your Post 45 that is as such!!! Am I to be silent while both you and Steve make false statements that are malicious in nature? Please do read my posts again. Hi Cariad, These issues were highlighted in the inventory, and it was made clear (in the inventory) that the LA/LA would have these done up.
  12. Planner, LOL. You really need to read things thoroughly. Anyway, found the "attach" button - need to be in the advanced editor mode. Will scan and attach later.
  13. Insensitive? LOL. Interesting to point out that in many bits (e.g. BBC's HYS, etc.), the great majority can't stand PC. Pray, do highlight the bits deemed to be "insensitive" and "offensive"
  14. Steve, Please re-read the whole post. I wrote that the persons who carried out the inventory check mentioned that the property was like a jungle. It's in the bloody inventory (yes, the word jungle). Please advise on attaching a document and you will see it for yourself! And yes! Race is a burning point here! Together with defamation and a barely habitable property, these three form the basis or my defence. Mr. Shed, Our beloved police force took as to be a "civil" matter and not a criminal one!
  15. Planner/Admin/Caro, The link of Post 26: BBC NEWS | England | Agencies 'happy to discriminate' As one can see, the percentages and observations are consistent with what was said on the BBC programme. Caro, I've confirmed that I'm immune from all civil and criminal proceedings. I'll proceed with the system here. It's good to know that I have something sturdy to fall back on. The confusion? Can I sue the LL and LA with the same claim? Or not? How do I attach .pdfs? Yup, submitted 16(5). Can't find the 'attach button to attach.
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