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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I read through that link you provided prior to coming here, and it didn't answer the questions I have asked. The OR can take money for up to 3 years. When you say 'it will be on your record for 10 years', what exactly are you referring to? My Bankruptcy? If such is the case this is not an issue I am overly concerned with, however I was told when I went to the county court that It would only be on my record for 6 years.
  2. So, I finally went bankrupt last week. Went to my local Court, got everything signed and today received a letter from the Official Receiver informing me of when she will be calling to talk things over, and providing me with the 'what happens next' info. It all seems pretty straight forward to me, but there are a couple of things I'd like some advice on First up, how long exactly will the Official receiver be in control of my estate as it were? It seems to me that it should be for only as long as I am Bankrupt, and that once I am discharged, that will be the end of it. But something i
  3. As I've repeated often, Im just passing on information from a BoA perspective so people can get inside the BoA 'mind' and understnd their perspective and how they do things. Doesn't it help to 'know what your enemy is thinking'? Anyway, please, read my thread, and use what I've put in their as best as anyone sees fit. I accept that people can be suspicious and demoralized by banks, and can be unwilling or unable to see anything past the bad (of which there is plenty, I won't deny that) So I'll not enter into discussions about it. If my thread is useful, please use it, if not, th
  4. Groovy, I never knew that. Good job too really, I would have been telling everyone to send one and probably have got myself the sack
  5. Thats a fair call, and I certainly can't fault your reasoning. Rory is spot on here. AS long as you have made it openly known to them that calls are unwelcome, then logging and recording is the way to go. By the by, one thing that DOES work with BoA, if you can record harrasing phone calls, get the name of the grunt you are speaking to, department, line manager etc, even speak to manager if you can, then make a copy of the call and send it to them with a note that you are sending to OFCOM and FOS, and they back down sharpish. BoA work under the assumption that anyone who is sayi
  6. Who do you think you are sir? I come here to try and help people by providing information based on what I know from my time working in BoA. If you would take the tiem to read my posts, it would be clear that I am neitehr a BoA employee nor a troll. Just because you and others here seem to have a negative stigma toward speaking to BoA does not mean that you are correct sir, and my difference of perspective does by no means make me a troll. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't this forum a place where we come to share our collective knowledge to assist in our difficulties and disput
  7. Does the SAR cost of £10 mean they MUST send you every statement they hold?
  8. You are exactly right. this was pretty much why I opted to leave. BoA have this desire to be the most respected, and their method is to confound customers into thinking they're getting a better deal form BoA than they are anywhere else. We were actually told that as long as we were resepcted and admired more than our rivals, that was the most important thing. Again, ther methods are down to appearences. They cling to their level of compliance to regulations because it make them appear above board. They train their staff to care and take an interest in customers because happy customer
  9. Please man, don't do this. Your disregarding everything Im telling you based on what? Bad experiences? I really don't want to argue about this. BoA are fine to talk to as long as you maintain control of the conversation and get confirmation in writing of everything said.
  10. Oh no, its always worthwhile if the outcome is worth the journey. Just be aware that it can be a difficult ride wth BoA. Your first step is to find out all the charges you want to claim back. BoA only hold statements for 6 up to 6 years prevous, if your looking longer than that, and you don't have the statements yourself, they could be very dfficult to reclaim. If they are no more than 6 years, then BoA have the statements, but not to immediate recovery, they take time to dig out from wherever they are kept. (I actually don't know where they are kept). Thing to note, BoA charge
  11. I don't blame anyone for not trusting banks. Il say it again, I left BoA because I know their S&P's are unfair. the BoA approach is this 'Give the outward view that we are doing the right thing for the customer, then screw them over as best we can'. Talking to BoA is great for people who need a footing, because the grunts are good people and they DO want to help as much as they can. Believe it or not, a lot of them DO genuinely care when soemone gets into trouble. But the company only want customers to feel like they're being treated well so they can have an easier time of taking
  12. Ayeayeaye. I'd really rather not get into an argument about this. Im sure you have good cause to not trust MBNA. But there are a few things important to note. First, up until a year ago, BoA standards and practices were not in place in the company. Harrasment, lies et al were common place, as it is with all dca's. In the past year BoA have been bringing their own S&P's into the company, and the way things work has been changing. ITs not by any means perfect, god no its not that, but, BoA staff CAN be trusted. If you call them and arrange something with them, they
  13. And just as respectfully, I would ask you to appreciate where Im coming from on this. BoA has millions of customers, and believe me, I've sat through enough calls and enough meetings where this and similar subjects have come up. Compared to the number of unsuccesful attempts there have been, believe me, Slim to none is the case. I won't tell you its not possible, it is, and Im here to give as much insight into how BoA work for people who are going up against them. But I won't sit here and tell you its guarenteed, when it is not. I just want to help people get any extra edge I ca
  14. Thats a question I can't answer for sure. However I can give you an educated guess. What is likely to be the case is that, when BoA bought out MBNA, they retained the MBNA image and name rights. Now Im no expert on how Business brands and logos and names etc can be used, but I DO know that BoA have continued to masquerade as MBNA because people in UK recognize the MBNA brand. In essence, whilst MBNA as a company, a seperate entity does not exist any more, as a BRAND, which is to say, as an image of a company, it does. And in that respect your case with them can be presented as b
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