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  1. Great Slick132, as usual I get a bit excited when for once I get a positive after so much negativity. Suffice to say your advice is spot on and I will await the responses from their solicitors and the outcome of the impending hearing. Should I inform their solicitors of the offer as it will obviously have a bearing on the amount they claim is outstanding? BobD
  2. Hi Slick132, Just a quick post to say thank you very, very much for all your help in this matter. Today has been a good day. Got home to find a large letter from H&B containing all the paperwork I should have had 3 months ago. Second envelope I opened is from Halifax, admitting that the PPI sold on the disputed loan was mis-sold and they will be writing to me as soon as possible to offer a settlement within the month. I will be contacting them tomorrow as I do not feel that any monies should be paid to me due to the other matters already mentioned. I will however be pursuing them
  3. Hi Slick, please find below the revised as requested. I have sent today the letters suggested by recorded delivery just to reassure you. In the Birmingham County Court Claim number xxxxxx Between Bank of Scotland Plc- Claimant and Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Defendant Defence 1. I xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx am the defendant in this action and make the following statement as my defence to the claim made by the Bank of Scotland Plc. 2. The Defendant is embarrassed in pleading to the Particulars of Claim as it stands at present, inter alia: - 3. The
  4. I will duplicate the letters tomorrow and send them recd delivery, I realise this is so that I can confirm they have been delivered. I will do the same with the letters I sent to H&B and Ultimate Law Ltd. Is my embarrassed defence to the courts correct? BobD
  5. Yes, I have sent letters this Saturday to Halifax(CPR31.14) ref original bank details, the name of the Intermediary as requested on numerous occassions and also sent one to their solicitors (CPR 18 asking for all documents they are relying on in the claimants case. I was working from 8.30 til 7.30 pm on Saturday and did not have time to go to the post office, sent them first class and will call them tomorrow to check. Sorry, do you mean the POCs are inadequate in so far as to what I have written in my Embarrassed Defence? Please bear with me as I feel like my brain is overloading trying t
  6. I put the phone numbers up as I have been trying every day for the past week to get them to answer their telephones, without success. Every time I ring the landline number it shows engaged, so someone is there? Has anyone else had dealings with this company? Bob D
  7. Can I just reiterate the POC which reads: The Claimant's claim is for 19943.48 presently due pursuant to a credit agreement entered into by the parties, full particulars of which have been supplied hitherto. By an agreement dated 6/06/2005 the Defendant has an account number X/xxxxxxxx-x with the claimant. The Defendant has failed or delayed to adhere to the terms of the Detault Notice issued by the Claimant under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The balance due as at 0// on said account is 1994.48. Where it states 'The balance due as at', this is exactly as the date is shown, i
  8. Hi Slick, I have prepared the following embarrassed defence and will file this on line by Thursday this week, can you review it for me and let me know what you think. Am still reading CPR and I can't get my head around the fact that the Deputy District Judge at the last hearing said 'IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE'. It may not be to someone who deals with this in their everyday job. I suspect if I requested she come to my kitchen showroom and design a kitchen using our CAD programme she would, like me be very much out of her depth. In the XXXXXXXXXX County Court Claim number XXXXXXXXXX
  9. Thanks Slick, you've been an invaluable help. Yours truly BobD
  10. Got to laugh, my donations to you are through my Halifax account, I think this may be why they allowed the loans in the first place.
  11. I am just locking up at work, and will be home soon so I can get on and deal with this and other matters, again thanks, by the way I am not used to all this forum stuff and didn't know what PM meant, do now though!!!
  12. I have been in contact with the OR and things are being done regarding this matter. I have requested the details of the payments in and out of the account with dates. I am seeing the accountants she used on Monday morning with a view to getting copies of the accounts to verify the amounts paid in etc. The first agreement as stated in other posts was the arrangement made by a guy who came to the MDs office and filled in the details there. The only form I saw was a form which he asked me to sign and indicated that it was to witness the company loan. I believe he is referred to as the Interm
  13. I know it is probably not the norm, but could you word a suitable letter on my behalf regarding the 'Embarrassed Defence' BobD
  14. I have requested further copies of the original loan arrangement document which clearly states at the top INTERMEDIARY, has anyone else seen this type of document? It is without doubt in my mind that the intermediary was under no illusion that the loan was for the company and the payments would be paid into the company and monthly debits by the company. The second loan was a complete fiasco as you say quite rightly I should have read all the documents thoroughly before signing anything. I have also sent a letter to Halifax requesting the copies of the bank details etc for both loans. T
  15. I was asked to sign as a witness to the first loan and this is the one that gave the company account details to Halifax and also the same details were taken and used for the second loan. I have requested all copies of documents from both Halifax and Hendeson Barker Ltd (H&BLTD). H&BLTD sent a request for DSAR in August 2009 and I have also got a copy of the acknowledgement from Halifax. It is these documents that I have requested back from H&BLTD. I don't know why but they have not returned my numerous phone calls, replied to my letter or numerous emails I have sent them. Perhaps s
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