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  1. Hi all here we go again. Have recived this letter No2 from our beloved Carbunkels and i was wondering if i should first request a CCA or as i do not know of this account i wonder if it could be another case of ID theft? or should i send a Statute Barred as they have not supplied me with an address as to where this account was applied to it certianly is not from my current address as i have lived here for over 7 years. On the reverse of their letter they state that it acts as a Notice Of Assignment of this so called account to them and that they are the legal owners of it.They also state that i
  2. Yes thanks Scott. I will certianly advise any one to come to this site for help. I will make a donation to the site but i will not use a credit card i have to load up my pay as you go card as soon as payday comes so thanks again Edd
  3. Ay up Notts. How are you i have'nt yet heard from any from Weybridge it's not one of Carbunkels comic outfits is it ? Edd.
  4. Hi to all that gave me advise. I am sorry to tell you that RED returned my quid and a letter in less than a fortnight with a letter saying that they are taking no further action :grin: And i also had a follow up letter from the leeds loosers confirming tht same. So thanks again to all out there who helped Edd. Lowell Forum copy.pdf RED Forum copy.pdf
  5. Thanks Rhia. Yeh thats worth a try with the OFT.
  6. Cheers NottsDave. I have fed this snack to my tame shredder i think it enjoyed that it had a touch of wind after though i wonder if it was all that hot air yes i will see what happens next before i invest a quid. Ta Edd
  7. Hi all. I have recived this letter from our beloved friends Cabottys thought you might like to see it first. I am wondering if i should request a CCA and donate the sum of £1 first or send them a status barred letter as i think this could be something that Ruthbodge tried on about this time last year but they gave up after i hit them with status barred letter. I do not know of any account with these parasites and they have not even stated as to where the address i am supposed to have opened this so called account was as i certainly have not done so whilst at my present address of over six yea
  8. Wow thanks to you all for the advise i will send them that letter,i have been told to use an digital signature using fonts from word i have one that i use already so no prob' there once again thanks to all and i will keep you all posted. Best Regards to all. Edd Pilot747
  9. Ok i have recieved a letter stating that i owe cap1 on a card from an address that i have never lived at, it addressed to me but the second christian name is not used and i always use both my names or initials and surname for any applications that i fill in also i do not belive in credit cards i have friends whom have had grief with them !!!! I use a top up pay as you go debit card with this i am in control and more secure.So how these people have sent this letter i do not know Edd.
  10. Hi to all. I am new member to this site and i would like to know if anybody has had any dealings with RED Debt collection services based in Leeds, any info about how to deal with these, would be appreciated. Thanks, keep up the good work we shall overcome
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