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  1. We really need some advice here. Last Wednesday my fiance had a car accident. The insurance are saying the car is a write off and offering 5,000 for it. We had it insured for 7-10k. We still owe the finance company 5,500 and then there's the 500 excess. Simplecover say alternatively they'll give us £3,000 cash to repair it, but the finance company are saying no, that if the car's written off then they want the money for it. Damage to the car is all along the drivers' side, both driver's door and passenger door smashed in and damage is estimated at between 3-4k to repair. Either way, we're going to end up losing £1000 of our money (which we can't afford as we're getting married in 9 weeks time..) and will end up with no car. What can we do? Any help gratefully received.
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