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  1. Hi Mistermind, I checked both, they are not in my Egg Securemail box, but one from egg notifying me of the rate increase was in my googlemail spam folder.
  2. Hi again, Right, Egg have again increased my intereset rate from 26.9% to 29.9%. I wrote to them, asking why they have increased it so much from the level of interest in my CCA of 14.9%. As you may know, getting an actual explanation out of Egg is nigh on impossible. However, one of their advisors told me that I should have been notified by Egg of the interest rate rise and would also have been given the oppurtunity to 'opt-out' of said rise, by which they mean cancel the card and pay off the balance at the old rate. When I asked where were these notices of rate rises sent
  3. simon1003

    Egg online CCA

    Hello, could anyone help?
  4. simon1003

    Egg online CCA

    Hi, I'm interested in getting Egg to reduce my interest rate which they have set at 26.9%, while reducing my credit limit and causing me to breach said limit for 1 month because of the interest added! My online CCA reads like this: CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 This is a credit card agreement between Egg Banking plc of Citigroup Centre, Canada Square, London E14 5LB and you. In Condition 8, we set out the meanings we have given to some terms in this Agreement. full name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx e-mail address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Brilliant, thanks Dotty! What usually happens after sending this letter, is it usually ignored too?
  6. It had gone all quiet for me too, then I received a letter from a collection agency in Manchester last week. Did I see a letter template on here for sending to a collection agency advising them that the account passed to them is in dispute? Thanks.
  7. I've recently had a reply from Gail Porter saying that they are investigating my complaint: I assume this is about the harassing calls I complained about, then last week I received another letter saying that my reduced offer period had expired and that they will resume with their usual 'collection process.' These cowboys can resume with whatever they want, they are not getting another bean out of me! I'll have me day in court if they want to push it.
  8. I've received a letter from MBNA enclosing an internet type CCA (i.e. signed with little X's in boxes) it's from 2007. Now the problem with this is that I never applied for a MBNA card, my Virgin card was transferred to them when they bought Virgin's CC business. When I applied earlier this year for my CCA MBNA sent me an application tear off for my Virgin card, signed in 2003/4, they insisted that this is a valid CCA, obviously I've been telling them to stick it and I want to see an enforcable one. Is MBNA commiting fraud here by providing a CCA that I have never signed, either
  9. Will this force them to consider removing any default they've placed on my file?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply netwarrior, do you mean send the above letter to redcats or to the credit ref agencies?
  11. I have just had a reply from Redcats, saying that unfortunately we don't have a copy of your CCA so we cannot pursue this alleged debt. But in the mean time we're defaulting you and trashing your credit file. Can they trash my credit file like this whilst admitting in the same letter that they have no CCA whatsoever?
  12. Yes I've started getting calls on Saturday mornings, I think it's one of the Irish women from MBNA (Miriam I think), I hang up as soon as I hear her voice. Sorry Miriam, I know you read this forum! Also getting them from mobile looking numbers too now: 07785-900822 I'm sending them an harassment letter today via recorded mail, I've had enough of them now.
  13. Thanks noomill, I'll look into starting a small claim.
  14. Ah I see what you mean, does the fact that they have later recordings of me confirming that we have ppi go against me though? Like I said the recording of the initial call has been 'lost.'
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