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  1. Yes Brigadier a good result , even though as Paul correctly states that is has not actually been written off. I would be very suprised if I heard from the Co Op or Lowells again , so for me its as good as being written off.
  2. Thanks for all the help. I have just received a final letter from my good friend Samantha Barnard at Lowell. As the Co Op cant find the agreement , Lowell are closing my account until such time as they find the agreement. So I think I have won , ( five figure debt ) . Thank you CAG , Co Op , Lowell and Samantha Barnard. I shall follow their advice on step 1 on the letter and DO NOTHING AT ALL. Cheers Ron
  3. Hi DX I took the card out in 2002. I think its the CCA. Its a very poor copy. I know they can reconstitute , but what if they reconstitute it wrongly! What if I compare the reconstituted one with the legible parts of the copy of the original and there are major differences! Lots of egg ( pun )on their face if this where to happen. Better to get some money from Lowell who don't care .
  4. Will do. It will be interesting if Lowells/ Co OP provide a differently worded cca than the one I have ( mostly illegible but I can read parts of it with a magnifying glass )
  5. Yes the co op have added fees post termination. And its this figure that Lowells are persuing now. To make it clear using fictional figures. Co Op deafault me showing £15,211 30 days later Co op Terminate showing £15,311 two letters from Co Op in 08/2009 showing £15,533 Statement from co op in 08/2009 showing £15,636 ( with two £12 defaults )! Its this last figure that Lowells are quoting and I am thinking it may be wrong as I do not think you can add default sums post termination . but I may be wrong.
  6. Thanks Citizen and Brigadier. The amount is over 10k. I have had an SD set aside before , the other side did not even attend! I don't know why the courts allow them to use an SD when the county court would be the correct avenue.
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40790[/ATTACH] Deafault notice , termination notice and a statement ! The staement is dated Aug 2009 , sometime after Termination and has a larger figure than termination notice. It includes two £12 deafault charges that form the amount now claimed by lowells. Can they charge deafult sums after termination ?
  8. Hello all, Its been quiet for me the last two years , it all went wrong in early 2009. By the end of 2011 most of my debts were settled and its been very quiet since. I was defaulted on a Co Op cc at the end of May 2009 and then a termination notice at the end of June 2009( they gave enough time I think). However the amounts differ by over £200 on each notice. Q1. Do the amounts quoted on deafault and termination notices need to be the same? Also I have a copy of the CCA that they sent me back in 2009 and in its not legible. Its a very poor photo copy ( micro fiche ? ) and
  9. Hi They are not allowed to contact your employer , they could only get money from your employer by way of an attachment of earnings. They would have to get a CCJ registered against you first and then try for an attachment of earnings. It depends what work you do and wether its easy to get another job or not. I would suggest that if its easy to get another job for the same money then change employer at the same time as you move into a rented place. So with a new pay as you go mobile , an internet bank account registered to your old address with no postal statements, no
  10. Hi I had problems with AIC. So I complained to the OC ( tsb ) Sure enough a good settlement letter arrived a few weeks later. A third party paid and all quiet since. I believe AIC are vague so they can ask for more money once you think you have settled. Good luck Ron 2015
  11. Hi I only settled when forced. I do not want a CCJ. I looked at the CCA each company sent me and when they started taking me to court I decided to try and settle. A few are easy and some play very hard ball. I am not qualified to advise you wether you should try and settle or not , if you decide to always make sure to tell the creditor that it is not you money, but your parents. Always get written confirmation from the creditor that they agree the amount and that they will write off any further balance and not persue it in the future. Also write on the back of the
  12. Hi When I had the same problem I wrote to the DCA and told them that unless they confirmed the full and final in writing then my relative would not pay , send it recorded. They eventually sent a letter of confirmation , my relative paid , and that was the end of that. I think they just try and get people to pay any amount and then chase them for the balance , hence the need for written confirmation from the DCA
  13. Hi All I have agreed a few Full and final settlements with creditors , see my signature for details. The whole settlement process is a bit hit and miss. At one extreme I dealt with a firm called AIC who were a nightmare. At the other end of the scales I dealt with a very nice , polite young lady at a DCA who told me instantly what they would accept. I then offered about 10% less and she asked her manager and it was agreed. Very easy and straight forward (She was a new employee). Hope this info helps
  14. Hi Creedy Maroon is correct. You must always use a third party cheque. There is case law that when someone else pays the amount they form a contract with the creditor once the cheque is cashed. If the creditor then continued to persue the debt they would be acting fraudulenty towards the third party. To be sure on a F&F always get a letter from the creditor on their headed paper stating the terms of settlement . You can then prove they knew they were settling and have a third party pay the amount. I always write on the back of the cheque aswell. A statement of something like 'Ple
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