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  1. Thanks for the info. I knew it had been introduced recently, but didn't think it was so far back. This will determine the answers that i will put in the form. Quite a lot of goal posts and hoops to go through as usual, not holding out much hope. Regards, Allets.
  2. Hello all Caggers. I have not posted on here for a while, but tend to look around from time to time. As most of you will already know there is currently a payout going on with the mess with switching claimants from incapacity benefit to ESA. We filled in the long winded form and sent it back to DWP in December. Around a week ago, we received the B16 form to fill in and send back. When did the DWP start counting their partners earnings and adding ESA to the combined income of the household? I seem to remember in the not to distant past, my partner who was on Invalidi
  3. As a further update to this thread. I fired a letter off to Lowell and in it a mild complaint that the documents supplied were not a true copy of my CCA. I got a couple of these back in November and December. Then I have had two weeks spread over January in hospital and received this whilst in hospital. What do you have to do for them to take notice that until they get their procedure of the law followed to the letter, with everything correct, the action they request will not be complied with. I have until this Saturday to respond to the above letter. Allets.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Will get another letter off to them at the end of the week re-stating what I said in my first letter. Allets.
  5. Well I got this from Lowells today. Apart from stating that their previous letter stated that they have fulfilled their side of the deal (a photocopied application form) stating that it is a CCA, I thought I would leave it until the next letter from them which is below. Are they just trying it on? Wondering what to write next.
  6. It was issued in June 1999, when I applied for the card. Allets.
  7. Thanks for the replies. BRIGADIER2JCS: 1. It is a copy of an application form, but has an authorised signature of someone from Cap1 and my signature. Not sure it is the same as at the inception of the agreement, as I don't have a copy of my original agreement. 2. Photocopied two separate multi page documents were sent by Lowell, with date references of August 2000 on them 3. Not sent by Lowell. 4. Extra one page photocopy of "Terms of your capital One credit card agreement". 5. A current statement of the account. This is a photocopy (17 pages both sides) from inception Oct 1999 to
  8. Just to bring you all up to speed with this. I sent off the letter exactly as DD suggested in post 41, this was on 10 Oct, as they were getting a bit shirty with their demands, it was sent special delivery to sign for. A no no for the Post office as it still has not been delivered according to their track and trace system. With that, I get a threatening letter from a sub division of theirs called RED. this was dated 10 Oct and received on 13 Oct. Here is a small sample of the letter: "We specialise in assessing accounts for litigation and will be obtaining a copy of your credit file in o
  9. The last communication with Citi was when I wrote to them, this was May 2009. Last letter received from Citi to me was March 2010. I don't have a debt with Citi on my CRA (Noddle.co.uk). Last payment made to Citi was back in March 2009. I wrote to Cabot at the of end Sept 2010, stating that Citi had not provided me with my CCA and they had no right in selling the debt to Cabot. Cabot wrote back to me in Oct 2010, with the following: "I understand that you previously made a request to CitiFinancial (CF) for a copy of your credit agreement in accordance with section 78 o
  10. SAR posted off today. When/if I get the SAR back, is there anything specific what I should be looking for? Allets.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. Citi defaulted the account in April 2009.
  12. Sorry, I got the notice of assignment wrong. Citi sold the debt to Cabot in September 2010. Allets.
  13. Thanks for the letter DD. It states on the covering letter that "they look forward to my proposals for repayment within the next thirty days". I take it I can reply to their letter also within the next thirty days. Allets.
  14. A quick reply to update this thread, after looking at my credit file in Noddle (thanks to dx100uk). June 2009, Citi wrote to me stating that "We are under no obligation to comply with a request for a copy of your agreement under the Consumer Credit Act as we no longer have a contractual relationship with you, nor are we seeking to enforce any agreement against you. Your right to be provided with this information from CitiFinancial ended with the closure of your account. I am returning the £1 you have sent in relation to this request". Sept 2009, Cabot bought this debt from Citi. They hav
  15. Noddle shows, It is/was an unsecured personal loan, started in March 2005, went into default May 2009, but only listed as a default by Marlin as of Feb 2014. Another anomaly which I can see though, I pay £10 per month, Feb and March 2014 show the same balance, then it reduces by £10 each month until July 2014. July and Aug 2014 again show the same balance. If that is the case then they have short changed me by £20 in the last six months.
  16. Signed up to noddle, boy my credit rating is dismal. I will be sending off a SAR to Northern Rock later this week. Will keep you posted with what happens. Allets.
  17. Thanks for all your replies. I have had this debt since Nov 2008, it was originally with Northern Rock. The default was registered with them to the credit reference agencies in June 2009. I have been making token payments of £10.00 per month for the last 4 1/2 years, before that it was £6.00 per month. When I could not afford to repay the loan it was £5,200, it is now currently £4,580. So in nearly six years I have paid off £620.00. Marlin had the debt assigned to them in October 2013. I do not know if it is on my credit file (although I would think it is)
  18. Hello fellow caggers. I received this from Marlin DCA a couple of days ago. On a debt of almost £5,000 they have offered to reduce it to around £1,800, if I pay within the next 14 days. It will save me around £2,750. It is a full and final settlement and be registered as partially satisfied with the credit reference agencies. I can just about skimp and scrape this together. If I don't pay, I must continue making my agreed repayment amount. What should I do? Allets.
  19. Hi DD. Thanks for the reply. I await your reply with interest. Allets.
  20. Just to resurrect this thread, I know it is over 5 years old, there has been a development. Following post 37, Fred Int Ltd referred it back to Cap1 and account was placed on hold. 27/7/2009, Cap 1 advised Fred Int ltd that the contract was enforceable and Fred Int Ltd were awaiting instructions from me for payment. 2/8/2009, Fred Int Ltd advised Cap 1 that to date no CCA was received by me from Cap 1. 17/9/2009, I received a letter from Cap 1 stating that my account was no longer being managed by Fred Int Ltd and has been returned to Cap 1. 1/8/201
  21. Hello fellow Cagers. In a bit of a muddle regarding the letter my OH received from Jobcentreplus. A quick rundown of what is going on. She went for an assessment in Sept 2011 and was successful with the outcome. Assessment again in 2012 but failed, not enough points. Even though she has deteriorated and become worse since 2011. I am sure that many of you have got the same result. We lodged an appeal against the decision straight away. Was told that the process could take up to 9 months. In the meantime, she received a letter from Jobcentreplus this week with the follow
  22. Small donation made. Up until his sad demise, I was not aware of Martin being one of the founders of this site. The site has helped us out immeasurably, so only fair to help in a good cause. We know how much funerals cost having lost my mum last July. RIP Martin. Condolences to his family.
  23. Firstly thanks to dx100uk & Let Them Knock for some advice. Dx100uk I CCA’ed Lloyds Tsb and Natwest back in 2009. As far as I can tell the CCA from Lloyds is enforceable. I can post up here if you wish to see, along with my Natwest CCA. I never bothered applying for my Northern Rock CCA as I have the original application form myself. Perhaps I should apply for it to see if NRock actually have a copy. Regarding default notices. Lloyds Tsb served a default notice in January 2009. After some very hostile letters from them, they finally agreed to a regular monthly paym
  24. Hello to all. Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but could not find anywhere else suitable. Excuse the long post but bear with me. Although I have not posted on here for a while, I have been a frequent viewer of what is happening during the current financial storm. As a quick re-cap. Work dried up in 2008 as I was self employed. At the time I owed approximately the following: Northern Rock personal loan £5000.00 Lloyds Tsb cc £9250.00 NatWest cc £5000.00 Citibank cc
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