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  1. Thought as much. I await for other supplies. Allets.
  2. Hi dx100uk, thanks for the reply. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I edited out the full amount, but it is over £5,000. Allets.
  3. I received this today, although over two weeks late. It belongs to my other half who took out a Barclaycard C/Card somewhere around the year 2000. I can't see anything appertaining to the relevant details that should be attached. Also there is a further 8 pages of general terms and conditions that I have not included. If these need uploading, then I will. I have also done some reading regarding cash cow, to say it is interesting would be an understatement. Allets. Barclaycard supposed CCA .pdf
  4. Hello fellow Gaggers. I did what you all suggested and asked for my CCA from all the Companies/DCA’s involved. These were sent by first class to sign for on 6 June 2022. They all received and signed for these letters on either 7 or 8 June 2022. None have come back with a signed by me CCA or relevant documents. Here are the replies I received are as follows: BPO Collections, received a reply on 17 June with their letter dated 14 June, no CCA received by 27 June. Dear ***** Please find your postal order for £1. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept this as we don’t charge for this. I have requested all the information you have asked for, once our client has responded we will send this over. Yours Sincerely, John McNamee. Cabot Financial, received a reply on 17 June with their letter dated 14 June, no CCA received by 28 June. Dear ***** Thank you for your request for information under sections 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Unfortunately, we do not have the relevant information on file, so we will be requesting a copy of the credit agreement and terms and conditions from your original lender, as well as a statement of your account. This may take some time, but we will write to you within the next 12 days with an update, (their 12 days regarding an update is today 4 July, no post from them has been received). You still have an outstanding balance of £****.** and you currently do not have a plan in place with us. We would like to discuss the available options with you and find you an affordable solution for this account. Yours Sincerely, Stephen Shaw. NCO Europe, received a reply on 13 June their letter dated 8 June, no CCA received by 27 June. Dear Sir/Madam (can’t even get my gender right). Thank you for your request and payment for a copy of your CCA which we received today and have forwarded to your creditor. Your creditor has advised us that they no longer require payment for this (postal order for £1.00), therefore we are returning it to you. You will receive the CCA in due course If you have any queries blah blah blah……………… Yours Sincerely, Joanne Perry. PRA Group, received a reply on 17 June with their letter dated 14 June, no CCA received by 28 June. Dear ***** I am in receipt of your letter in relation to the above (request for my CCA) and have requested the required information. Until this is received, I have placed your account on hold which will cease any further collections activity until further notice. PRA Group UK Ltd do not charge any fee to carry out this request, I am therefore returning this payment (postal order for £1.00) to you. We will contact you to provide an update as soon as possible but if you have any questions, please contact us blah blah blah……………………………… Yours sincerely, Carissa Rae. Idem Servicing, received a reply on 18 June with their letter dated 16 June, no CCA received by 27 June. Dear ***** Thank you for your request pursuant to sections 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply a copy of the credit agreement at present and acknowledge that until we do so the agreement cannot be enforced. We have contacted the original lender for a copy and if available it will be sent to you under separate cover in compliance with your request. The balance of your account is still outstanding and we will continue to pursue this debt which will include any arrears and defaults with the credit reference agencies. We can confirm the balance of your account of £****.** remains due and payable and we will continue to contact you to discuss repayment proposals. In the meantime, we attach a statement of account detailing the transaction history. You are free to take whatever action you consider appropriate but we will not be releasing you from any obligation under the agreement. Yours sincerely, Rebecca Harper. Rather than scan and post the letters I have received from the DCA’s I have typed out the main points of each reply I received. All have failed to send me a true, signed by me, with attached terms and conditions (at the time of signing) a valid Consumer Credit Agreement. Most of each letter seems to contain bluff and bluster, and veiled threats. One note of concern, would any of this come to bite me in the rear end, should I fail to pay them any more money, with regard to the credit reference agencies? I await your more knowledgeable responses. Allets.
  5. OK, thanks for that will CCA them all and I will post up all the info I receive from them. Allets.
  6. Looks like I have been taken for a mug then. If it is indeed defaulted, This DCA along with the others that I am paying, once CCA'ed they will suss out what I am up to and seeing as they are all statute barred, they can't come after me for any more money, and all of this wont affect my credit file? I know that with cabot, I would be near to having paid what I "owed" them, other DCA's are long way off.
  7. Hi dx100uk. I didn't know about the above. Do I request a new CCA from Cabot? Are you also suggesting that I stop payments to Cabot until this is sorted out? I have since then built up a good credit rating from the reference agencies and would not like to turn this sour again. It took some time to get straight. Allets.
  8. Hello Fellow Caggers. A brief outline of what is happening. Back in 2008, I defaulted on a few credit cards and managed to write a few of them off with the "not signed a credit agreement" . However my Natwest credit card had a copy of my signed agreement, some months later Natwest sold the debt to cabot. I set up a standing order and agreed to pay £20 per month. This has been paid every month since then. Today I received a letter from bpo collections stating "to recover the outstanding amount of £3***.** owed to cabot". They would like the outstanding amount to be settled in full. I can't settle in full, but I am ok to continue with the monthly payment of £20.00. If I have a 100% track record of making the monthly payments for 13 years or more, why have they authorised another DCA to collect the full outstanding amount? I can't afford to pay more than the £20 that I am already paying, I am not in arrears with cabot, what is going on? Allets.
  9. Thanks for the info. I knew it had been introduced recently, but didn't think it was so far back. This will determine the answers that i will put in the form. Quite a lot of goal posts and hoops to go through as usual, not holding out much hope. Regards, Allets.
  10. Hello all Caggers. I have not posted on here for a while, but tend to look around from time to time. As most of you will already know there is currently a payout going on with the mess with switching claimants from incapacity benefit to ESA. We filled in the long winded form and sent it back to DWP in December. Around a week ago, we received the B16 form to fill in and send back. When did the DWP start counting their partners earnings and adding ESA to the combined income of the household? I seem to remember in the not to distant past, my partner who was on Invalidity Benefit which then changed to Incapacity Benefit and finally (at this present time) is Employment and Support Allowance, used to be classed as only them receiving the benefit, not taking into account any earnings that I earn. Does someone know what date this happened? I am curious to know, before I fill out the B16. Regards, Allets.
  11. As a further update to this thread. I fired a letter off to Lowell and in it a mild complaint that the documents supplied were not a true copy of my CCA. I got a couple of these back in November and December. Then I have had two weeks spread over January in hospital and received this whilst in hospital. What do you have to do for them to take notice that until they get their procedure of the law followed to the letter, with everything correct, the action they request will not be complied with. I have until this Saturday to respond to the above letter. Allets.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Will get another letter off to them at the end of the week re-stating what I said in my first letter. Allets.
  13. Well I got this from Lowells today. Apart from stating that their previous letter stated that they have fulfilled their side of the deal (a photocopied application form) stating that it is a CCA, I thought I would leave it until the next letter from them which is below. Are they just trying it on? Wondering what to write next.
  14. It was issued in June 1999, when I applied for the card. Allets.
  15. Thanks for the replies. BRIGADIER2JCS: 1. It is a copy of an application form, but has an authorised signature of someone from Cap1 and my signature. Not sure it is the same as at the inception of the agreement, as I don't have a copy of my original agreement. 2. Photocopied two separate multi page documents were sent by Lowell, with date references of August 2000 on them 3. Not sent by Lowell. 4. Extra one page photocopy of "Terms of your capital One credit card agreement". 5. A current statement of the account. This is a photocopy (17 pages both sides) from inception Oct 1999 to August 2014. Allets.
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