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  1. '...I have no issues assisting fraud teams, trading standards etc etc...' By that statement, you've just admitted being involved. Furthemore, I'm not advocating violence before you start but when I read some of the stories of people being left with next to no money over the festive period because of LBCEL and its sister companies I wouldn't blame anyone for rounding up a lynch mob. Can I just clarify what I meant about things getting 'exciting'? They'll be getting rather exciting down Durham way pretty soon with the SFO et al. It's nice to see theives getting felt up, no?
  2. Come on, come clean: what is your connection with LB Cybernet Entertainment Ltd?
  3. I, too, have been stiffed by Paypal and I'd never go near it again. The scare stories can be read here;- PayPal Alternative - Pay Pal Lawsuits, PayPal Complaints & Fraud Unfortunately for sellers, it is mandatory on Evilbay to accept PayPal.
  4. I have a feeing this crowd's collective sphincter is starting to go now that they know there are a host of agencies after them. This is going to get really exciting!
  5. Well, who are you, then? If you're not involved you sure know a lot about this and appear to be able to pull some strings. That, to me, suggests that you are involved, in some way or another. Whilst appearing to assist - which is welcoming - you also seem to be hiding something and I can't help feeling that if you told us who you are people might relax a bit. All this furtiveness, ducking and diving does not present a postive image. Redhouserobo, how did you get on wtih them. Got your refund?
  6. Who are 'we'? I think you should be a bit more upfront and say who you are and who is acting alongside you. It's all a bit furtive, isn't it? Redhouserobo - let me know how you get on with this and whether you get a refund.
  7. '..He is genuinely an innocent party and has been a victim of this as much if not more than anyone else!..' Then he should be talking to the Serious Fraud Office. his local Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading. Or, as we have heard elsewhere, is there an element of 'heaviness' preventing him from doing so?
  8. '...that they would have required physical sight of the document, Odin recollects that this was the first time such a required was mentioned...' And is there a reason why they would not have seen a copy, if the legal instruction given to them was not enough? One is under the impression that one 'branch' adhered to the EPAO yet another hasn't. How odd. I wouldn't let them off with it. NI is still under UK banking jurisdiction, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. We're all trying to help each other here but you will forgive me for thinking that you know a lot more of what's going on with that crowd than you're letting on. It pays to be on one's guard. '....without the person of that address ever being aware of the business model of the company LB Cybernet...' - in what way was the person living at that address unaware? How could they not know? Those details were up on the Companies House website so someone at thats address is/was involved with LBCE Ltd and all its offshoots.This is a very big dodgy operation that's in action here and it's too big not to know about it. CAn you expand on that, please?
  10. I'm having trouble following this. Was POA granted due to an illness or incapacity? In any case, there is no reason for the bank (or whomever) to have ignored that instruction; it's a legal document, why would they? Did they give a reason for not acknowledging?
  11. I may have missed it but you don't seem to have mentioned any solicitors, unless the EPOAs mentioned were such. A bank, or whomever, needs to see a copy of executive direction and that is usually submitted via a solicitor. Are you saying that one locus of this bank refused to cash in and transfer the ISA, even when then they've seen who has legally been granted power of attorney? If so, and they have lost substantial sums, then you should seek redress. Others may be able to help here. I'm not sure how a Data Subject Access request would work in this situation, given that it's actually someone else's data that is attempting to be sourced. Certainly the Financial Ombusdman is an avenue you should explore regarding this. And, for what it's worth, if you did instruct a firm of solictors to handle all this I'd lean on them, too! My personal (now ex) solicitor made such a hash of handling my mother's estate that accounts we never knew existed were turning up nearly ten months after her passing. These, too, had lost several thousand, and that was before the recent financial crisis!! Get your teeth into them.
  12. How about a little bit of background as to who you are, Comlaintshelp, and how you know this crowd? Have you 'worked' for this bunch of crooks or do you have something to do with them? I may be wrong on this but if you'd been robbed by them I doubt you'd be so secretive. By the way, can you expand on these comments of yours:- "The previous address was used in error and has caused a large amount of undue frustration and upset to the individuals residing there, and I can confirm they are not connected nor able to assist with any enquiries." "Provided all enquiries are forwarded to the above address and my username at googlemail dot com, then I can assure they will be looked at and in most cases resolved very quickly." Now that last statement is the one that interests me. If enquiries are forwarded to the company address and to your email address that proves to me that you are in contact with this bunch of crooks and wield some authourity with/over them if 'most' cases are being resolved. Also, please don't PM me any more. As I said, I haven't been stung by them but people need to be warned about these crooks. And, also, don't ask me to furnish you with the URLs of forums that are discussing LBCE Ltd and its myriad offshoots: you can find them just how I did, by using Google. I guarantee you:you will be amazed. But, then again, you might not!
  13. Redhouserobo, I know your'e angry, mate, but best keep thoughts of retribution to yourself as the moderators don't approve. Trust me, I've thought about doing that to the banks!! Better to channel your energies into having them reported and exposed. And, maybe, getting your money back. Best, Flyboy
  14. Good man. I nearly fell for this - first time in my life - but watched the time scale on cancellation. The 'sample' never arrived. 2 phone calls to Austria(!!) and one to Durham got further orders cancelled. But I still didn't trust them, given what I discovered. When I called back again, one week after the stipulated ten-day window for arrival of the sample. I told them I was reclaiming the £1 delivery charge and my CC issuer asked me to get them to remove my card details from the system. When I asked the moron op called 'Robert' he said,and I quote "I can't do that, goodbye!" and slammed the phone down on me. SO, quick call back to CC issuer and got card cancelled and a new one reissued just in case they tried taking multiple debits like I've heard has happened to some poor folk over the festive period. Go have a look at my first two links. Crooks. So, watchdog, trading standards AND the SFO! Wow, Durham will be a bleaker place than ever for some in the near future. I can almost hear the twanging of the cables as the rats begin to leave the sinking ship! :D
  15. It's half three - they'll be tipping out again soon!!:eek:
  16. :D We needed some humour on CAG. Thx, guys.
  17. Really? Ok. Your little chums didn't stiff me - though they tried and failed - so maybe, since your in such a unique position to help out with advice on this grand fraud, you could pop over to MoneySavingExpert and help out the poor sods there, yeh?
  18. Come on, I can see you're viewing this right now, so don't be shy!
  19. Well, the address that's up in my post came from Companies House, irrespective of their actual trading address. Beware of them: they are a bunch of wide-boys. Durham Trading Standards and the SFO are going to be paying them a visit pretty soon.
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