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  1. JGJ, Looks like you have gotten some kind of result. Shouldn't they also be adding interest onto what they're paying you back? I'd need to look into it again but I'm sure they should. However, if you've gotten this far you may wish to accept it. Who is 'Consumer Debt Recovery'? A division within Lloyds or an outside DMA?
  2. isn't this something that Lyons Davidson should also be worrying about, correct me if I'm wrong?
  3. Sorry, think I may have been one, by accident! :D Cos they know they'll get the full skinny here. And that'll give them the chance to book flights and leave town for a while. Wonder if the Principal's office is watching this?
  4. 7, now. They can't all be just curious surfers wishing to retain their anonnimity!
  5. hhmmm.... 2 guests, shivering in anticipation, no doubt.
  6. Tell them if they call again, to remove your details form their database. If they persist, report them to the police.
  7. Just back home. Am now meant to be grouting the bathroom tiles but am sat here waiting on an update...........
  8. Yeh, time to ramp the exposure on this up. Judging by what I've seen on other forums, LBCEL and its offshoots/co-conspirators are now frimly out in the open and and addresses and phone numbers are being revealed. Despite what has been said on this thread, I refuse to believe that an address found at Companies House does NOT have anything in the slightest to do with these crooks. Think I'll step back fronm this for now; I've highlighted it on CAG and that was all I intended to do.
  9. I might able to assist. Will PM Patma.
  10. Man, this is so long. I've skipped over some of it and need to head out soon so can someone tell me what happened re the original judge?
  11. I was always under the impression it was. HBoS came back stating the premium was monthly when it clearly is not. Please see the scan at Scans :: StACS1.jpg picture by kakkadoo - Photobucket and correct me if you think otherwise. They have aslo refused to tell me:- who the underwriter is what commission was paid all on the grounds that the above do not fall under the provisions of the DP Act. The case is now back with the ombudsman and I'm reporting HBoS to the Information Commissioner for not supplying all letters and notes on this account, which they have indeed failed to do. Seem to be going nowhere with this and STILL can't get a solicitor to even look at it, let alone take it on board!
  12. '...not the 'headquarters' of any businesses aforementioned...' Are you saying that address is not assoctiated with LBCEL, correct? Interesting. I think you offer us a mistruth! I have just seen your comments on MSE where you state the said address is '...no longer correct!' What in God's name is going on, here?? Are the goalposts being moved? What do you exactly mean by 'no longer correct'? Your statement indictates it was correct at one point and indeed it was, for that's the address that was on the e-invoice I received from LBCEL, a scan of which you can see below. http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c370/kakkadoo/Scans/Gowhite2g.jpg Can you stop all this obfuscation and come out with the truth, for you seem to be digging yourself a bigger hole every time you post!
  13. Right, I'm off to go get ready to watch us Scots get gubbed by the French at Murrayfield. Someone else can take up the baton for now.
  14. Some interesting information being supplied on MoneySavingsExpert:- Caught out by DazzleWhite - Page 17 - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
  15. A simple yes or no would suffice, though i see you've now left the thread. Hi, guest! Want to add you ha'penthworth??
  16. Got to be! I've just discovered it!!!
  17. Are you saying that LBCEL got dragged into this? If so, how? Whose number is this? 0203 139 9027 Whose address is this? 19 Princess avenue, Blackhill, Consett.
  18. Not asking you to name yourself - that's a bridge too far! - but I think if you explained in this forum how you were/are assoctiated with this mob people might ease up and trust you a bit. Can you also please clarify this statement:- 'The same go's for the registered address, director etc etc of LB Cybernet Entertainment Ltd - their involvement is nothing more than a 3rd party unknowingly dragged into this!' I'm not sure what you're saying, here.
  19. What were you providing to these crooks and how have you become embroiled in all of this?
  20. Might give the Northern Echo a ring about these crooks. The journos will need something to waken them up this Sunday.
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