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  1. 'Don't shoot the messenger. If you don't like it - DO something about it, stop bleating that it is terrible that firms can profit from it. Limit your exposure, do what you can to protect your interests, and play them at their own game.' You often use the above; got it pasted in a Notepad on your desktop, have you? You're also making a generalisation about 'recycling'. I don't give a monkey's what the InfoComm allows/permits unless it impinges on me, personally. Just because a public body 'allows' a practice doesn't mean you have to agree with it. If we all did then we would be no more than sheep and sites like this would have no need to exist. Think about it and stop being a sh*t stirrer.
  2. I never said I didn't; and I don't need taught from you, ok?
  3. Are you of the opinion this is what will now take place? One judge, moving the goal-posts, and we're all on the back foot again?
  4. Oh, dear.............http://www.goatboy.com.au/images/goatboy/shirts/bunny_design_01.jpg
  5. Why are you on this forum, Buzby? You may, perhaps, have given good advice to some, but from my experience with you, you seem to come across more gadfly than alturistic Cagger. You are also often an apologist for some of the rat-bags that Caggers are trying to retaliate against. There's nothing wrong with people making an honest Pound, but from dishing out recycled personal data? Oh, come on! HAve a wee think about the recent Mossad sketch that was in the news and how easy it is to create a false identity around an innocent person; that's the issue here.
  6. 'I share your sentiments, but not the reasoning. You say that aggregators should not profit - but how do you make the leap that it is morally somehow wrong? Are you against them being profitable (or being able to profit) because they can? Isn't this anti-capitalism?' Yes, it's wrong when someone profits from your personal details. It's a bit like a crook down the boozer selling your wife's jewelry that he nicked from your house while you were out. Anti-capitalism? What on earth are you talking about,man??
  7. Raw prawns sown into in the curtain hems; that's a good one. I did that to my wife's ex-flatmates who were ripping her off. Seemingly, it took them weeks to find out where the stench was coming from! Sorry for thread deviation; just thought I'd lighten the day....
  8. +1 to that. And superglue her Yale lock on the day you flit!
  9. Point taken, but noising them up will be worthwhile. I've just used their site for the first time, looking up a colleague's details; very interesting. Ok, they are, as you say, an aggregator, but they are making money from selling our details to God knows whom and that, to me, is wrong. Why are you so abrupt with forumites, Buzby?
  10. Anybody got an up-to-date version of their disc?
  11. DD, Sorry I've been out of the the loop on CAG for a while. Can you give me a precis on the above? Thx, Flyboy
  12. DD, as the Yanks say: +1 2 that!
  13. Hi, Mad House. I got 'Robert' as well; frightfully offhand, if not rude. They are dodgy crooks and they are slowly being caught out, but not before they've rifled thousands of pounds from people's bank accounts. Now, move that up to a worldwide scheme and you can see the potential earnings for these theives. Just hope SFO are onto them all, esp this lot in Durham.
  14. Can you cite one of these, Steve, or provide a link to it?
  15. By agreeing to their terms when you sign up, yes they can hold onto your money! Basically, I found out that they can do whatever they want with your money. They are dangerous control freaks of the highest order. They have slapped a hold on my account - thankfully it's empty - because I refuse to assign a credit card to it. I can't close the account down because of this so the whole thing is in limbo. I don't trust them one bit. The best thing I can advise you to do is to stop paying ebay fees by paypal and pay them direct from your bank account. I guess you will somehow have to pay off the arrears in the old paypal account; once you've done that, shut it down and remove any bank/card details associated to it. These people will ruin you if you are not careful. Go here for some scary stories: PayPal Alternative - Pay Pal Lawsuits, PayPal Complaints & Fraud
  16. And here's another lot! Teeth Whitening Trick: A Mum's Trick to Whiter Teeth As with all these [problem]-meisters, you are not allowed to post 'comments' for, as it states, 'comments have been closed for this story'. 'Story'? Yeh, that's exactly what it is! And how convenient for commenting to be closed, when they are as fake as the people involved with this rip-off. What's different about this one, to me, is the dead links at the Privacy and T&Cs at the bottom of the webpage. This is first time I've seen that: they're either there or not. Must give Durham TS a ring tomorrow and see how the got on with the crooks. And di you get your money back, redhouserobo?
  17. I'd open two cases in tandem: one with ebay, the other with PayPal. Paypal always favours the buyer and you will be able to do a 'chargeback' on the seller's account, so don't worry about not getting your money back. Ebay have changed their ways, fairly recently, and actually do help out at times: I managed to get all my money back via ebay on an item that never arrived. But I've noticed this past year or so that there is a lot more dodgyness going on on ebay and I am becoming really wary of it. Open two cases and get your money back before this lot disappear for good!
  18. That woman will be ticking the days away, counting each one like a child opens a date on an advent calendar, thanking her lucky stars each day there is no conclusion to this case whilst she's incumbent. I'd be very surprised if all this mess had been hidden from her from day one. In any case, she'll have the wings of Hermes on her Jimmy Choos the day she departs!
  19. I think that's tantamount to falsifying information and fraudulent. That means they could be conjuring up pre-2007 agreements on post-2007 forms to get around the provisions of CCA. I would not trust those swine one bit: they are perfectly capable of doing it. Never trust a banker!
  20. What does doing that serve? What if you still have your own copies and what the bank presnt looks markedly different? How would they explain that away?
  21. So they've passed that, internally, and set it aside any current debts. Which is fair enough, i suppose. I'd still wonder about the interest.
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