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  1. Can anyone supply with the template for this demand? The DCAs are staring to lean on me (Blair, Oliver & Scott and another lot down south) so time to fight fire with fire!
  2. I had the same exp with Bank of Scotland, though not over £3k, thankfully. If I was at a Dinner party and I found I was sat next to a banker (exec and above) I'd get up and leave; they are vermin.
  3. Is that a CCA request, above? Good grief, that's a bit heavy-handed! How can I deny a debt I already have been paying towards?? I mean, Im paying to DCAs that I know are handling my debts; how can I now refute that debt? I really can't send any DCA that! They'd shoot me down in flames! IS that a CCA request? Surely sending them that would stir up a hornets' nest!
  4. How do I know if the debt has been sold to the DCA? I thought they were merely passed onto the DCA, with the bank still wanting its pound of flesh? And these credit card and loan agreements: I guess I have to write to the banks (and not the DCAs) for this data?
  5. Monty, Yeh, I learned that with the banks: telephone conversations/agreements have a strange habit of not being noted! CAn you be a bit more specific re you last para? Sorry to come across a bit thick!
  6. Dx What are CCAs? And the only time I talk to them on the phone is when I call them when they want to review the payment plan. I always do that. We have a secured loan (9k) on the house; full payments still being made. That, and the mortgage, is still being honoured as per initial agreement.
  7. Just to give you all a bit more info; all our debts are now with DCAs and we've maintained them and even agreed to one or two small increases in the past. Now, though, in the past two months, they seem to be getting a bit heavy, threatening 'action'. I've written to them asking to clarify what this 'action' could or will entail, but have heard nothing back.
  8. Rather old, say 5-6 years. We had 50k and have paid off 20K thorugh raiding all our savings and from donations. Now, we are paying them off at the amounts suggested by CAB, who hadnl;ed our case a few years ago. My work income fluctuates wildly due to being self-employed, yet these DCAs are now getting heavy, demanding increases. I have told them I may be seeking decreases on some of the debts that have larger repayments; they didn't like the sound of that one bit! After the way the banks spoke to me and reduced my wife to tears, I'll never let anyone do that again. Sorry abiout the bad link; it eventually went to here:http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/press_release_attachments/1stcreditrequirements.pdf CAn I quote this ruling at these swine if they start leaning on me again? We've maintained all payments under the Agreement and still pay full mortagage repayments. Thx, Fly
  9. I've just seen this - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/announcement.php?f=176&a=147 -elsewhere on the site. Can I quote this ruling at the DCA thugs when I call them back?
  10. My wife & I are managing our debts as best we can. We send our DCAs a financial statement every three months but, lately, they have started becoming less polite and and are now aggressively demanding we increase payments. They have said if we don't make increases, they will take 'further action' to reclaim the debts. I have asked for clarification on this, but does anyone here know what they can and cannot do, since we are paying on time. I might add these are CC and loan debts only; the mortgage is still being paid in full to the lender. I have told this DCA that I will not put up with harassment and I need to have as much ammo as I can against them. I just feel there are certain people in this nation that want to see people in debt go to the wall, instead of trying to asisst and accommodate them. Any advice gratefully received!
  11. Well, there's the rub. All my wife could say is the same thing that she's initially said to the bank (whom we're both no longer with), to wit, that ' default charges are unfair and not proportionate to [its] costs'. That's the only arguement there is. So why would a Scottish Sheriff act upon something that's not yet been settled by the English courts? I'm sorry if I appear obtuse, but I'm just trying to get my head around all this. Are you saying she should just lodge the claim, anyway?
  12. Bit confused on this. I successfully claimed a few years back but my wife's late claim is now on hold, pending the outcome of the test case. Is there any preferential reason to go after the bank through the courts rather than wait for the case to be settled? Is there any evidence of courts ruling in favour of claimants in Scotland, even when the test case is being heard in England?
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