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  1. ive been having problems getting credit for as long as i can remember so i joined experian. since joining ive scoured my file and cant find any problems, no red or oranges or defaults etc. any hints on what to look for etc? ive tried calling experian (the so called experts) and they dont really know what they are talking about... just the usual, are you on the electorall roll blah blah blah followed with i really dont know mr cameron, WTF????? any ideas? i have a new problem with a buchanan clark and well asking for a debt that isnt mine but it doesnt even show up on the fi
  2. i will see what there response is to my initial letter. one other thing is that i have checked epxerian and i cant see any record of this on my record? is this normal?
  3. i recieved a letter from buchanan clark and wells informing me of an unpaid debt that isnt mine. i have called them and also the police and have since sent a letter stating that the debt isnot mine, anymore info would be great, cheers
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