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  1. This topic was closed on 03/08/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. This evening we just had a visit from a debt collection agency looking for the home- owner i.e. our landlord. He is behind with his mortgage payments and is facing repossession. Also this is not just the start of the procedure but it’s following up a previous court order that he has failed to honour. This is the first we were aware of any financial problems our landlord is having. The debt collector was actually very helpful and felt sorry for us, she has said that first of all we should go to the court and state an interest in the property. Secondly we should go to the council and infor
  4. if i was to continue using bt as my provider then i would have to pay bt to connect a line to the house as well as the connection at the exchange. i didnt ask how much this would cost in total. the fact of the matter is i moved to a house with a cable line connected and no bt line and also the house isnt my house its rented so i could have paid bt a lot of money to connect a line to a house that i could possibly be living in for only 6 months. im my opinion bt are trying to enforce a monopoly by saying you must have them provide me services. if bt had a line to the property then i would ha
  5. I have had a BT account for years but last year I upgraded and changed my phone and broadband package and was told I would have to take out a new 12-month contract for both. Earlier this year I had to move house and we moved in to a rented property with Virgin cable connected and no BT line running from the telegraph pole to our house. When I moved I phoned BT and asked to cancel the services but was told that as I took a new contract out less than 6 months prior I would have to pay for the full term on both phone and broadband. I disputed this at the time over the telephone with BT and t
  6. a major problem with bonus schemes is they are not covered the same way as wages. a bonus is exactly that and it is up t the company how they pay you this . it can also be changed as and when a company wishes unlike wages wich are covered slightly better under law. i have fallen foul of these so called bonus schemes where i lost out on £300 per month in an old job. after contacting TGU i was filled in on all the law and regs surrounding this. the only thing that they cant do with a bonus is take it away once you have been given it, a transport company i worked for used to do minus figures to
  7. at the end of the day an employer must pay you for the hours youhave done. though beware i was caught out in similar circumstances. when i was 19 i worked for a garage as a mechanic we had clocking in cards, i was also told that any work i do that can be billed to a customer would need to have a job card filled out. i was spending an hour or so a day doing yard jobs for the company (not billed to customers) and clearing the workshop up. after i left i was paid £250 short and contested this. as the company used job cards to show work done and not the clocking in machine i was unable to claim ba
  8. for some reason the broadband with bt takes longer to be cut of than the phone. bt have caught me out before with cutting my phone of. i rented my flat to a friend and never canc the phone or change the name over and he was late paying and i got cut of. when i moved back to the flat bt told me they would put a £50 call limit on my account. no problem until you realise they dont inform you that you are close to this limit and they dont always updte the web site info. i ended up getting outgouing calls barred and also lost my job at the time. to sort this out caused me no end of problems and i
  9. and for an update last night my wife got an electric shock. lucky it was only a small one but if that had been my 5yr old daughter then it might have been different. after testing the light socket i found it was live and it seems the electrician has bypassed the earth leak trip all together so now the earth for the house is live and tyhis includeds the central heating pipes and my washing machine/dish washer
  10. they give no choice but to use a handling company. the problem i see is that every employer on paye pays your tax and ni without charging you for this so why should they be allowed to farm out the tax payments at a fee i have no control over
  11. recently my wife and i rented a 3/4 bed house for a 6 month rental and paid the full amount in advance. the landlord has the house on the market and we are having estate agents showing people the house once or twice a week. the house has just been renovated and the owner has cut every single corner to finish the job. to start with the house looked lovely but on closer inspection we have found that the problems in the house are to many to be listed. within 2 days of moving in our toilet blocked and as i was unable to unblock it i contacted the landlord. he said he would sort it and 3 days
  12. Hi im not sure how I stand here and maybe someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Being self employed I am registered with CIS for tax payments and contractors are required by law to pay a % of my wages to the tax man. this is not a problem when I subcontract as the contractors pay CIS for me. the problem I have is when I need to use an agency to cover any gaps I might have in work. It seems that all the agencies use a 3rd party company called the Guild to pay any CIS payments. The Guild charges 8.33% of any payment for a handling fee and the agencies all say they will not
  13. not long been back from my honeymoon which i booked with thomson for a trip out to bulgaria. the first problem was the coach trans to resort we had no rep on the coach but was told our hotel was the second hotel, at the second hotel as we were getting of the coach we noticed it was the wrong hotel. luckily we noticed this as it was almost 1 am and could have caused some probs. we got to our hotel and was shown our room with 2 single beds. next day we was in reception looking for details on where we could find our rep only to find out our hotel didnt have a rep only a 45 min visit at 5pm. luc
  14. last week my other half paid a chq into my branch and was told it would be cleared today wed 26/07/06. as we are getting married in just under 3 weeks and still ahve lots to pay for the wedding i booked today of work. i checked my balance last night and had £xxx balance and £yyy available. this morn before going out shopping i rechecked balance to find i had £xxx balance and available, so chq cleared of we go. i spent a few quid in shops then went into branch to draw £500 over counter straight from branch i went to a jewelers to buy something and had a security check on my card no probs until
  15. he wouldnt accept a bank transfere and will only give out a mail box addresse in center of london so there is no actual way of contacting him. i agree that work needs doing to decorate the hallways and also the windows and doors into the block are in need or replacing and if shown how much money it will cost me for the work then i will pay him. the main point is that he seems to have imposed penalties on me for non payment of ground rent. even though i have tried to pay him the amount in question would be 100 pounds and not the 800 + he has claimed in a letter he has written about me. f
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