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  1. hi all sent letter off for the second time to claim for the second half . sent it recorded delivery so they would have recieved it today fri 13th oct (prelim).fingers crossed
  2. hi all going for the second half now see how we go on this time
  3. i all my bank has payed up in full will donate as soon as my cheque has cleared thanks christine
  4. hi jonni2bad the letter says district judge thomas has considered the statements of the case and aqs filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track the hearing will take place on the 18th october at 10am and will last about 1 1/2 hours the court must be informed ammidiately if the case is settled before the hearing date.
  5. hi all had a letter from court today my date to appear in court is 18th october 10am lets see what happens now
  6. hi all had another letter from cobbetts today 31st september they filled in aq and filed it so i suppose its court date next:confused:
  7. hi all update to whats happening i recieved aq three weeks ago, sent it back the same time i sent cobbetts the spreadsheets on the 14th aug, recieved letter back yesterday 24th aug offering me 50% obviously i refused, sent letter back today saying i want full repayment. see what happens now
  8. hi all recieved a letter from my bank solicitors today thursday 10th aug to identify the dates when the charges was charged,and the reason given, in the letter it states to specify the clause pursuant to which the charges were applied. also to specify whether the charges applied were due to a breach of contract by the claiment. and to identify in each case the particular breach of contract (by reference to appropriate terms) of the contract that the charge related. also in my claim i state that{ these charges} are unenforceableat common law,being penalty charges im sorry if im being a bit dimb im not very good with things like this can anyone please help
  9. thanks willowb i will , still not heard anything yet usualy they wright back early, before the deadline
  10. hi all had a letter back from my bank, they said they are defending it ,theyve got until the 7th of august to reply.ile keep you posted
  11. can any one help? the court papers was served to my bank on the 12th july i have got to put in for the second half , do i send the letter for that now before they sort out my first half or wait ? they have got until 26th july to reply.
  12. hi all my last letter i had from the bank was a negative reply, so been down to county court today and filled in a small claims form (30th june) it takes them about a week to send the letter to my branch and then gives them 14 days to reply. so hopefully soon i will be going on a spending spree, thanks to the bank. then once sorted that one out i will be putting in for the second half, fingers crossed:)
  13. congratulations candice ive sent my lba the dead line for that is thurs 15th june i hope i have some good luck like you. christine
  14. hi all sent a pre-lim letter to my own branch dated 11th may recieved one back sat 27th may yesterday the usual standered letter offering me £491.00 when they owe me in charges over £6,800 dating back 6years i have had to do it in 2 sperate halves to take it to the small claims court i am new to this should i accept this but not sign anything but tell them im going to claim for the rest? could somone please advise me thanks christine ps, sorry that was first letter i sent ,ive already got my statements. sent my lba today by recorded delivery , given them 14 days to reply,will have to see what happens.
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