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  1. :)UPDATE on UPDATE. Hi everyone. Just received another letter from the complaints people at RBoS and contrary to my earlier thoughts, I am delighted to announce that the bank wish to bring this matter to a close. By this they mean that all payments made thus far will be deemed to have satisfied the outstanding debt. IE NOTHING MORE TO PAY. Many thanks to all who have offered advice and guidance, especially Rory32.
  2. Update! I have received three letters from RBOS, two of which deal with the complaint made against the Bank which led to our current situation, and one from the DSAR dept. The complaint letter is fairly standard stuff, I think and will no doubt eventually make out that the bank acted correctly and that I am the bad guy? The DSAR I sent was unsigned and thay have indicated that they cannot proceed without a signature. They have offered me copy statements showing interest and charges if that would suffice? In which case my tenner would be returned. I do not think this is what I should be
  3. Ouch! If you dont mind I wont tell the wife:lol:
  4. I would also add that she is not denying that a debt exists, but do not expect to be reamed in the process
  5. She has no copy of a letter showing the limit or the APR. I suppose we will have to wait and see what the postman turns up with:lol:
  6. Hi folks, Just to give an update. Sent letter to IJ as suggested by Rory and recorded delivery. Also sent RBS Telford a letter asking for justification of the debt as suggested. She indicated that this had already been requested about one year ago and no reply. She also included a £10 postal order and a formal request under the DPA for all info relating to this account. Lets wait and see! Incidentally, the numbers paid to RBS in my first cry for help were incorrect. She had in fact paid £640. This makes the demand for £1400~ even more outrageous and increased her determination to
  7. Hi Rory thanks for your input. At this point in time, we have received no statements showing any charges lawful or otherwise. IJ did make a point on their letter that they have had to engage tracing agents as we had moved house. This despite the fact that Unidebt were able to talk to us in our new location in Jan 2008. She has repaid £570 up to Jan 2008 at which point we issued the verbal challenge to Unidebt regarding charges and interest. We were told that these charges and interest were in line with the agreement we had signed. She did not sign anything and we asked for all that documen
  8. Help needed here. About 6 years ago, while travelling in the USA, my other half had a £1000. o/d facilty with RBS. We monitored this online with digital banking. My wife returned to the UK at the beginning of Feb 2004, and discovered several unopened letters from RBS. One of these was a default notice issued as a result of not contacting them regarding our use of this facility. A charge of £30 made for this letter. Shortly after this with interest applied she went over by 19p Yes 19pence. The bank were not interested in her explanation and set Unidebt on the case. She had been
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