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  1. Hi all, just following on from this. Today i received a letter stating they want to pursue me for the damage to the cab, which, after my initial shock, i find outrageous. I did open the door in the rear of the vehicle, but surely the driver has some obligation also to ensure that the road was clear and inform me, he dropped me roadside after all. I could only see a little in the mirrors, and i could not see the van that hit the door. The taxi parked right opposite another vehicle, which was a bit naughty too. However my actions were not malicious in any way. I ha
  2. It's the company the driver hires the cab from. He pays them a weekly settle for the car.
  3. Thanks. It's the settle car company that are threatening him with having to pay them back, not the driver himself. Thanks for your input.
  4. If a taxi passenger opens a car door in to the road to depart, and the door gets hit by a van, can the passenger be held liable? He is arguing that the driver should have made sure it was safe for him to alight, and why did he let him out roadside, instead of turning the car around to park him on the pavement. My friend never seen the van when he checked out the mirror. The van and taxi exchanged details, but neither left their details with my friend, who has been in deep shock since it happened. The taxi was a settle car, and it's they who are telling my friend he will get
  5. It's with Motonovo. Standard HP car finance. Like i said, only 6 payments left to make on the car. Cheers.
  6. Hello, i've missed 2 payments on my car finance, what can happen? I only had 5 payments left to make and will be able to clear in a week or two. Can they come and take our car?
  7. I have no income. I'm a stay at home dad. My wife's income and the small amount of tax credits just about cover our outgoings. Can't pay what I don't have.
  8. It's roughly 6 months old. They've written asking for payments and to make up the £250 quid i owe them. The judgement was £50 a month apparently. So no actual enforcement as yet, but i can fell it in the pipeline.
  9. Thanks Andy, again. The debt is well under £1000, it's for 200 odd quid, 300 with court charges etc.
  10. Okay, thanks Andy. Thing is, i can't pay it so what will happen? Can the order be varied in amount? They can't enforce it can they if they have no address for me?
  11. I never had redirection in place. I just get the mail off the new tenant who is a mate of mine, when he gets home from working abroad, so roughly once a month. I know this is poor practise on my part, and i am taking steps to address. The thing is, they don't have my new address, we had to move due to threats made against us, so i've never given anyone my new address. I'm thinking a DRO might be the best way forward for me, as I have no income, and i'm not on benefits. I'm a stay at home dad, my wife works though.
  12. Ah, my apologies. I was reading something on another forum that suggested this. Cheers.
  13. Trying to allay her fears Shamrocker. She is asking me amillion questions, and i'm trying to find all the info for her. Of course we want to get it challenged. I did put the AOS in yesterday.
  14. No, to be honest, they weren't aware of the move. I still get my mail to that address. I wasn't aware of the CCJ though as i never got the papers until it was all done. With Bryan Carter, i now believe it's because they have gone bust, it's been transferred to Lowells. Do you know if Lowells would put the CCJ on hold because i'm disputing the charges and stuff? Thanks for your help.
  15. I thought i had kept to the one thread for each case? This one isn't for me. This one is for a relative of mine. I've put mine separately.
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