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  1. I've noticed that a local car park still has the 'you will be clamped' signs up, is this allowed?
  2. Thought i'd update this thread. She has now received a letter from a 'solicitor'(probably someone on the next desk!), we're continuing to ignore. What i didn't mention in my OP was the times on the ticket. From the car being first observed to issuing the ticket was a grand total of 16 seconds. I 'appealed' and got turned down but i didn't bother appealing to POPLA as i didn't want to show my full hand if it went to court. I'll keep you posted if anything happens.
  3. Well thanks for stating the obvious
  4. Hi, My Daughter was recently sacked from her job. There were two reasons that were cited at the disciplinary, one was upheld and the other one, fraudulent claim of mileage wasn't. They realised it was a simple mistake. She signed on and started to receive JSA. However she has just received a letter from the benefits office as they look into the claim, as they do. Her employer has stated the two reasons why she was dismissed even though one wasn't upheld. She has the letter from the employer saying that the mileage claim wasn't upheld, for the reason stated above. Is there anything she can do? She's obviously going to respond to the benefit office and enclose the letter from the employer stating that the mileage claim wasn't upheld. In my mind they shouldn't have even mentioned it. Any advice please?
  5. Well a couple of thread hijacks here All interesting info though. The PCN was for £40, as my daughter had been sacked from her job and is probably going to lose her jobseekers allowance because her employer has put something on the form from the Jobcentre that wasn't upheld at the hearing (i'm going to post elsewhere to get advice on that, she has decided to just ignore it. She is expecting to be bombarded with threats and, if she's very unlucky, a court claim. As she's under a debt management plan at the mo she can't afford to pay it anyway. Thanks all.
  6. Hi all, My Daughter parked in a car park for 5 mins and received a PCN. The company is Napier Parking and the landholders are a company of De Savary, so the same people manage the land as own it. As they own the land and operate the parking is there more of a chance of a court case or is the advice still to ignore? TIA
  7. As someone has said use an adblocker plugin with your browser. it makes the whole internet a more pleasant experience.
  8. Is it these? https://www.minicredit.co.uk/ did anyone use for phone when you weren't looking?
  9. I hope you made them aware of emails you submitted that weren't included in the original managers 'evidence'. Incidentally, as with your partner, i know someone who blew the whistle on a national pub chain that were changing the dates on stored food. She was sacked and after appeal to the area manager was offered a job in another branch several miles away. Is this type of practice endemic in this organisation i wonder?
  10. The website has been hacked and malicious code put onto it to get a drive-by install. Seems like that to me, if it still happens you could inform the webmaster
  11. Since no-one has said you can't, go on, name the website. It's just that i know someone who sells these through a site, so i have a personal interest
  12. Are you allowed to post the website? What does it say the delivery time is? I ask because the website may order from a 3rd party and only places their order when they take the money. Just wondering whether it is up to 28 days or something?
  13. You probably missed the bit that was added, it was included in the quote of the original post
  14. I guess you missed the post where this was sorted at mediation? OP refunded the buyer the original price and got the , seemingly, very unhappy dog back. It's now with loving owners and is a well-rounded dog.
  15. If it's just a letter and nothing valuable inside it's just as good to send it first class and get a certificate of posting. TS once told me, after i had a dispute with courts, that a COP was good enough for a Judge that the letter was sent. 1st class and 2nd class mail with a COP is still 'insured' up to a certain amount. Appreciate if anyone knows if this is still true, it was a few years ago.
  16. Not sure why you had to prove to Swinton that you had insurance?? The new insurance normally require a certificate of NCD from your old insurer but that's it.
  17. Isn't it annoying when people don't come back and let everyone know the outcome? People that read this please keep your own threads up to date, it's an enormous help to everyone else if they know the outcome.
  18. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aag/details/279-9294866-3868860?ie=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&orderID=&seller=A1FFD0UY43CNDH&sshmPath=returns#aag_returns Selling on amazon as well
  19. It looks like they can Whether they can just use it for their own debts, i wouldn't have thought so, the IVA company should administer this. As for the claims management company, what do their t&c say if you decide to pursue the claim on your own once you have instructed them?
  20. I haven't done this for a while but last time i sent something to the DVLA because i'd scrapped a car i seem to remember the small print saying something about if i hadn't received an acknowledgement within 14 days to contact them. Can't you get then to check who is insured to drive it? There shouldn't be any data protection issues as they think you still own the car?
  21. All a bit confusing really? http://lookwhois.net/lookwhois.cgi?fqdn=linkparkingmanagement.co.uk&FormsButton3=Check+Another+Domain+Name
  22. You don't seem to be getting much help here for some reason i'm afraid so, although i don't have as much experience as some, i'll give it a go. I sorted out 4 credit cards for a mate a few years ago, he hasn't heard anything for nearly 4 years so i must have done something right! The default on your credit file will disappear after 6 years. As for them selling or passing the debt on to the next desk, yes they will. They did it with my mate, all i said was this account is still in dispute with MBNA because they have failed to supply me with an agreement under s78 of the CCA, i suggest you pass this account back to MBNA, he has heard nothing since. As for the letter they wrote saying they can't locate the agreement, don't lose it! ;-) I hope this sets your mind at rest a bit.
  23. Ok, it was this bit, doesn't mention an offence but i just assumed the RK had to tell them (e)state that the creditor does not know both the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver and invite the keeper— (i)to pay the unpaid parking charges; or (ii)if the keeper was not the driver of the vehicle, to notify the creditor of the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver and to pass the notice on to the driver; I said i was a bit confused :-/
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